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11 Ways to Use ChatGPT for Marketing Your Small Business



11 Ways to Use ChatGPT for Marketing Your Small Business

From <11 Ways to Use ChatGPT for Marketing Your Small Business (>

Get Tax Season Ready | Small Business Tax Preparation

Get Tax Season Ready | Small Business Tax Preparation


Why Mindset Mastery Is Vital to Your Success


Why Mindset Mastery Is Vital to Your Success 

From <Why Mindset Mastery Is Vital to Your Success | Entrepreneur>

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Digital Marketing Course 2023 | Masterclass for Beginners

Sunday, March 19, 2023

52.mycal8 -- Keeping Still

Hexagram 52

By: James Byrd

I.The Oracle 

A. Hexagram 52 is Gen, or Bound. Further interpretations are Keeping Still, Mountain and Stilling. Its lower and upper trigrams are the same, gen: bound or  mountain.       

B. The Judgment

   1. Keeping Still. Keeping his back still
       So that he no longer feels his body.
   2. He goes into his courtyard
       And does not see his people.
       No blame.

C. The Image

  1. Mountains standing close together:
      The image of Keeping Still.
  2. Thus the superior man
      Does not permit his thoughts
      To go beyond his situation. 

II. My interpretation 

A. "Keeping Still"

After reviewing this hexagram, the only precept I can get from it is meditation. It is a time for some quietude and Zen, so to speak. It is true that in order for the face to reflect a calm demeanor, that projection must come from within, just as the lotus flower that floats on a calm pond, serene and sincere it is. 

Now is a good time to make these adjustments to your inward appearance, in order to reflect peaceful undertones. You do this in order to reflect a peaceful outward appearance, sort of, "as above, so below". As long as you maintain your inner core, you will be as steady as a rock.

The thing with meditation is to always start with stilling the toes, and then work your way up to stilling your somewhat racing thoughts. Now remember that harboring bad things about other people internally, will eventually ooze out at some point in time, so don't ever go there, literally or telepathically. At all, the best thing to achieve is No Mind, or Zen after being fully absorbed into your meditational practice.

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Sunday, March 12, 2023

How Marketers Are Spending Their Money in 2023 (We Asked 8032 Marketers)


How Marketers Are Spending Their Money in 2023 (We Asked 8032 Marketers)

From <How Marketers Are Spending Their Money in 2023 (We Asked 8032 Marketers) (>

7.mycal8 -- Legions/Leading

Hexagram 7

By: James Byrd

I. The Oracle 

A. Hexagram 7 is called Shi, or Leading. Other common variations are The Army and The Soldiers. The lower trigram is Kan: gorge or water, and the upper trigram is Kun: field or earth.        

B. The Judgment

   1. The Army. The army needs perseverance
       And a strong man.
   2. Good fortune without blame.

C. The Image

  1. In the middle of the earth is water:
      The image of The Army.
  2. Thus the superior man increases his masses,
      By generosity toward the people.

II. My interpretation 

A. "Discipline"

As with any soldier setting out to complete a mission, do not let personal feelings intersect the command of duty.

 Always remember Duty First, and then all will farewell. Within the plane of organizational activities, there are leaders and there are followers. 

If one is to assume the position of leadership at any given moment one cannot come to the table half-stepping when above all, one has been given a position of authority.

Stay on top of your underlings do not let them relax their toes. Ensure that the right people occupy the right positions, do not promote an underling – just because. 

Have a factual reason to strengthen the base of your rank and file. Remember the weakest link is the weakest link.

When it comes to educating the people as to where they now stand, and on which direction they should begin to move, it will take a leader who must be endowed with a number of qualities, which should include experience, one who is viable, well-aged, and one who is of firm correctness.

Lastly, the army is an institution centered on discipline, but let us remember that a man of great leadership qualities is fair and just, and should at times, adhere to leniency. 

Byrd, James (2018) "The Future"
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Sunday, March 5, 2023

40.mycal8 -- Deliverance

Hexagram 40

By: James Byrd

I.The Oracle 

A. Hexagram 40 is Xie or Taking Apart. Variations are Deliverance and Untangled. Its lower trigram is Kan: gorge or water, and the upper trigram is Zhen: shake or thunder.   


B. The Judgment

   1. Deliverance. The southwest furthers.
       if there is no longer anything where one has to go, 
       Return brings good fortune.
   2. If there is still something where one has to go,  

       Hastening brings good fortune.

C. The Image

  1. Thunder and rain set in: (you heard?)
      a) The image of Deliverance.
      b) Thus, the superior man pardons mistakes.

           And forgives misdeeds.

II. My interpretation 

A. "Deliverance"

Apart from all personification, the whole of space in which life finds itself has a malevolently spiritual character, and the "demons" themselves are as much spatial realms as they are persons. To overcome them is the same thing as to pass through them, and in breaking through their boundaries this passage at the same time breaks their power and achieves the liberation from the magic of their sphere.
H. Jonas --The Gnostic Religion



If perhaps you do have a very important event on the set to meet – forestall it if it’s not so high on the importance scale – on the other hand if movement will exponentially increase your shares – hasten and do so.

Why not? The image revels or symbolize – thunder under rain. Be brave if you will, facing danger square in the face. If you must complete the task at those stakes, it’s better just to turn back.

Get it right, no action maybe not required at this time. Sort of like softening a hard stance against a serious misdeed. Reverse/hoodwinking can be very misforgiving – forgive and let go.

That would be a good example of “Devine Deliverance back to The Place.” Very self-actualized is the internal reflection to be seen by a person who is grounded and defined as satisfied to be making progress towards that goal.

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These 14 Digital Marketing Trends Will Have the Biggest Influence in 2023


These 14 Digital Marketing Trends Will Have the Biggest Influence in 2023

"Invigorate Your Network"



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