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Sunday, March 31, 2019

The Scribe ~ "ANI"

"The Here and There"

"Remember, some of those things from the past are just rocks, garbage, and nonsense, to the novice." ~ Jim Byrd, 3-31-19 

Sunday, Sunday

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Good Morning ~ Quote

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“One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.” 

Our Calendar ~ H-47

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Credit: "The I Ching and My Calendar": -- Learn more about "Hardship" -- And Over All, Make It A Good Day!


Verse For Today

Saturday, March 30, 2019

God's Daily Minute

March Thirtieth ~ God's Daily Minute

 “He forgetteth not the cry of the humble.” – Ps. 9:12 ~

"OUR Heavenly Father, we thank Thee for the watch care that was over us while we slept, and that Thou hast brought us in health and strength to see the light of this new day. But we need Thee more in the daylight than we do at midnight. Open our eyes to the opportunities and privileges of this day. As a servant would come to this master in the early morning to receive directions for the day, so we come to Thee, seeking divine guidance. Strengthen our bodies, clear our heads and warm our hearts, that we may live this day in accordance with Thy Holy Will, and that we may do nothing displeasing in Thy sight. Bless us in our home life, that by precept and example we may lead our children in the good and right way, and help us to make the atmosphere of our households so much like Heaven that it will be the natural thing for them to grow up in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord.” Go with us into the larger and outer circles of life’s relationships, and everywhere enable us to help and not to hinder. Bless with us all those who cry to Thee for help, and hasten the day when all mankind will join in crowning Christ “Lord of all.” We offer our thanksgivings and render our petitions in the Name of Jesus.  Amen"

By: Forney Hutchinson, D.D., Little Rock, Arkansas

Quote For Today ~ 3-30-19

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“The breath of life is in the sunlight and the hand of life is in the wind.” 

― Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

Signed Copy ~ "The Future" ~ By James Byrd

By: James Byrd, MBA (Business Consultant)

Mark your calendar now. My book/calendar will help you understand upcoming days and generate less stress as to what a certain day in the past, present or the future will be like, or in essence, what will become an obvious reflection of time.

My newest edition,  “The Future: 2020” is based on the first edition, (“Foretell the Future with the I Ching and My Calendar of Days.”) I just downsized the title somewhat and add more of my observations to be noted by my fans that have been following this project. There is also an eBook coming out soon to accompany this new edition. The cost of the eBook will be $0.99 to you for now.

About the first edition:
It’s called, “Foretell the Future with the I Ching and My Calendar of Days”. With this enlighten book/calendar, you will learn within a short time about “The I Ching” or “Book of Changes”, and you will gain some insight into how the I Ching influenced me to create a perpetual calendar. My calendar is based on the 64 hexagrams, with the hexagrams for each specific day on “My Calendar of Days,” being a window into the present, past, and of course the future. Once again, use the calendar to gain an insight into the scheme of things relating to the past, present, and also that of future events or outcomes. My main zealous concentration with this perpetual calendar is to know when to fast.
With hexagram 36 days, which is on my calendar, comes the idea that one should fast for three days as a presentation towards atonement of some sort, I usually take raw, fresh fruit juice for three days. It is very enlightening to know when to fast, and also know when to abstain from a full load of activities. I usually take a vacation from work for about three to seven days. This helps me to purge all poisons, and other nonorganic obstructions from my body and it keep me out of harm’s way as well because as I know, hexagram thirty-six does reflect in some way, Injury, which is mostly self-inflicted through wrong choices of consumptions, such as, alcohol, and smoking, and also not taking time out, through what I would guess, meditation, or yoga, not television consumption all the time.
The one hexagram that brings into mind the relationship between man/woman and God is Hexagram 1, The Creative. The thing with hexagram 36, knowing those days, I know not to take any undue chances, three days leading up to that date, and for three, days thereafter, hence, the old bell curve pattern. Another self-crucifixion can come in the form of consumption of the wrong kind of water. That one could be another slippery sidewalk at night.
The key indicator is how it all relates to “My Calendar of Days,” that is, it all seems to be the general tendency of the events that the I Ching in some way presents its indicator for a given day, these events can all be viewed as Cyclical, thereby, an indication of a perpetual calendar. And on any given Saturday, it will encompass that Lotto machine. But first, find your birthday on the calendar and study that.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Top 10 Free Online Courses Websites In 2018

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Top 10 Free Online Courses Websites in 2018


How To Get Rid Of Pimples

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How to Get Rid of Pimples in an Hour at Home

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Credit: WaysAndHow

Meat: From Field To Consumption

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By James Byrd
The federal government has from time-to-time tried to intervene within the meat processing industry with such campaigns as “Eat less red and processed meats,” as pronounced by the federal Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC). I understand it’s like candy but the whole truth about the road of meat from birth to consumption can be short and cheap, or it can be long and beneficial for human consumption. It’s not like when my Mother use-to go out and grab a chicken out the chicken coop and chop its head off. With those chickens we knew what was fed to the chickens because that was my job, feeding the chickens. Their food consisted of regular crackled-up corn feed. Nowadays that claim is doubtful with any type of meat consumptions which has a gigantic array of additives to enhance the shelf-life and maybe the taste of that particular meat.
The start of the process begins with farmers who believe that they are doing the right thing by producing and grazing millions of farm animals which in turn has a devastating impact on both the water supply and quality of air. Now next these same open-range animals are then moved on down line to the inhumane factory farms or feedlots. At that point they are fed; antibiotics genetically engineered grain and the most ill-reversible fate of all, artificial hormones. The last byproduct of factory meats is very important because it affects the sexual orientation of young people. Do you need that?
Also, there are psychological ramifications to expect with the consumption of confined animal’s hormones (CAFO), that is, you become what you eat, by eating caged stressed animals, and you will, in turn, become stressed. So there you have it, the meat in most cases starts out ok, except for the environmental detriments, and is somewhat contaminated as it makes its way to your plate, and we are talking about 95 percent of beef and a large percentage of other meats still come from feedlots and factory farms.
Trust me, once you stick to vegan and try to go back to eating meat once again, you will almost immediately sense the taste of death. Learn more about becoming Vegan.
Cummins, Ronnie. 2015 The food fight we might all agree on: because no one in their right mind really wants meat from factory farms. The Free Library (July, 1), food fight we might all agree on: because no one in their right…-a0420197589 (accessed August 29 2016)

4 mins Morning Qi Gong and Stretching

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4 mins Morning Qi Gong and Stretching
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#1 Anticancer Vegetable

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Dr. Greger gives a free excerpt from his latest NYT Bestseller “HOW NOT TO DIE.”

Rick Simpson Testimonies

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Cancer Cure Hemp Oil - Rick Simpson and testimonies

18 Surprising Traits of Highly Creative People

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18 Surprising Traits of Highly Creative People


How You Treat People Is Who You Are! (Kindness Motivational Video)

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How You Treat People Is Who You Are! (Kindness Motivational Video)

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source: Fearless Soul

Be Considerate H-10

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Source: SunSigns.Org

Credit: "The I Ching and My Calendar": -- Learn more about "Conduct" -- And Over All, Make A Good Day!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Fracking Or No Fracking

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Verse For Today.

Emotion, Stress And Health: Crash Course Psychology #26

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Emotion, Stress And Health: Crash Course Psychology #26

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Credit: CrashCourse

Hemp Seed Oil

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"Hemp Seed Oil - Evolution of Skin CARE Science" 

Hemp Seed Oil is such a fabulous skin care ingredient and I'm going to gaze into my crystal ball! 
I predict that in one to two years, Hemp Seed Oil will be in 80% of all skin care and hair products… it's already starting to happen…watch the beauty shelves, you'll see… 

You heard it here first! 

And you thought Hemp was just for smokin' ;-)

Here’s the amazing, anti-aging benefits of Hemp Seed Oil!

I know you’ve been thinking the smoking question...
Hemp Seed Oil is not illegal and our HEMPRESS Youth Serum and Ageless-Moisturize Pot contain no THC.

Now that the pink elephant is out of the room….

The basic science of facial cells contain Fat and Protein.

Hemp Seed Oil is the richest, natural source of Essential Fatty Acids with a perfect blend of
Linoleic Acids: Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9 which are nurturing and essential, life-force fats that feed your cells.

Hemp Seed Oil is 25% protein containing 9 Key Amino Acids…Amino Acids are Proteins that make cells strong. Hemp Seed Oil is jammed full of Vitamins: E, C, B1, B2, B3and B6.

All power-packed, anti-aging antioxidants in Hemp Seed Oil, all the essential vitamins, Mega Omegas and Proteins work together to reverse aging, tighten skin, reduce wrinkles, and maintain a Youthful Appearance. 

And if that's not reason enough to choose Organic and Vegan, Youth Duo as the last 2 Skin Care products you’ll ever need, are you ready for this? 

Even though I'll always dissuade you from sunbathing, because it actually depletes Collagen and Elastin, and encourage you to look glamorous with a big hat and cool shades…

drum roll...

Hemp Seed Oil provides UV protection with moderate Sun Exposure! 

If you want to look younger and maintain a youthful appearance, I know how to do it.

Good Skin Care is caring for your skin the way I care for YOU and your skin.

2 products called the Youth Duo
2 minutes, 2 times a day Fast, easy, affordable!

Hemp Seed Oil is a fabulous anti-aging ingredient and that's why had our chemists add it to our already amazing Youth Duo so you can get even better, Youth-Enhancing Results!

Reverse Aging. 

Look Younger NOW! I've created some special offers just for you!

Enjoy all LOOK YOUNGER Videos! Please LIKE and Subscribe NOW!
Got questions? ASK! Happy to answer! 

FREE! Look 10-Years Younger with SECRET Kitchen Ingredients

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Look 10 years Younger in 2 months 
Only 2, Natural and Organic Serums in "system:" Simple! 1 drop each, 2 twice a day to LOVE YOUR FACE!

Discover - the Revolution in SkinCARE RESULTS!

How To Write a Business Plan

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How To Write a Business Plan To Start Your Own Business


The Explainer: How to Collaborate Effectively If Your Team Is Remote

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The Explainer: How to Collaborate Effectively If Your Team Is Remote

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UV Protection

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By: Jim Byrd 

Hemp seed oil I would say is one of the most promising products emerging into the market place today. Let’s look at the benefits. First, it’s a natural ingredient which will be good for both you and the environment due to its attributes of being somewhat biodegradable. This product can be added to such applications as soothing gels for sunburns and common burns, in the form of hemp seed butter, hair conditioners, shaving creams, and most anti-aging treatments, as well as a number of other cosmetics and toiletries applications. Summer is fast approaching remember to add hemp seed oil to your list of products as an added protection against UV skin damage. Also, use it as an anti-aging tool every day, hemp seed oil does not leave a greasy look or greasy feel on your skin, it tends to absorb into the skin leaving a more natural look. It’s not an overnight process, but going forward you will see the results as your skin reverts back to a more natural resilience. Also great for hair

                Pianoforte, Kerry. 2001 The Skin Care Market. The Free Library (May, 1), Skin Care Market.-a075197205 (accessed April 23 2018)

Henson, Melanie. 2003 The natural ingredients market: while mainstream personal care sales lag, natural-based products continue to make leaps forward. The Free Library (June, 1), April 23, 2018)

Good Morning ~ H-31

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The word for today: "Influence" Credit: "The I Ching and My Calendar": -- Learn more about "Influence" -- And For All, Make It A Good Day!

Cash Back for Shopping!

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