Thursday, July 23, 2020

Invigorate Our Local Economies

Invigorate our local economies: Click here to learn more about helping your local community stores to become more familiar with marketing locally.  Also, take a look at our other program entitled, FREE Successful Crowdfunding eBook: How to Drive Traffic to Your Crowdfunding Project - Download Now!, go there and get listed, it will help me to better present my marketing help to your local small business communities. It's free to join and market your business locally today. 

Thanks, James

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

God's Daily Minute 7-22

July Twenty-Second ~ God's Daily Minute

“This is My blood of the new testament, which is shed for many.” – Mark 14:24 ~
(For Communion Sunday.)

We sing our Eucharistic hymn this day, O God, with voices from which all tones of mortal sadness have vanished away. We sing the song of new-born life, and not of death. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was made flesh, and men beheld the glory of Thy love in the face of Jesus Christ.

Come, O Creator Spirit blest, and impart anew Thy marvelous gifts. May Christ be born again in every heart. Purge our ears from the rattling noises of the world, until they are quick to hear the heavenly song of Thy peace and good-will for men.  Lead all seekers to some spiritual Bethlehem and help them to find the Holy Child. May the nations come to His light, and rulers behold the rightness of His rising.

May the kingdoms of the world become the kingdoms of our Lord and His Crist, that He may reign forever and ever.  Amen.

By: Oscar Edward Maurer, D.D., New Haven, Connecticut.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Mantak Chia : CH I: Palm & Finger Training

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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

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Sunday, July 5, 2020


How Orgone Promotes Healing

By Dave R Gahan 

Our body's are extremely complex machines. Contemporary Professional medical science has understood roughly 10% of the workings of the entire body. However one savior is that the body knows how to heal itself. In the mother's womb, the male and female cellular material unite and begin increasing in number in addition to developing various internal organs. The instruction that these cellular material follow is in the particular DNA.

The body is made up of untold millions of tissues. A small grouping of cellular material join together to execute a specialised body function as well as form various organs. Additional cells form the nervous system, skeletal system, digestive system and so on. But all the cells are comparable i. e. all at the cellular level have a particular frequency or vibration.

When typically the tissues of our body endure a change from normal healthy cellular material, a disease establishes in the body. This means that when the frequency of a small grouping cellular material alters from typically the ordinary, a disease establishes in. Typically the transformation can occur due to accidents, injuries, strain, leading an unhealthy lifestyle, wrong food habits, aging and so on. The cells which can be now irregular can certainly heal by themselves in addition to attain the state of normalcy together with the aid of satisfactory energy levels (Anti- entropic) with the same rate of vibration as a healthy and balanced cell. The frequency measurable around Orgone is one within an anti-entropic field and as a result heals health problems like Asthma, Arthritis, Depression, Sleeping disorders, Migraine, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Stress, Anxiety, chizophrenia, Hyper Tension, Stress and much more.

The discoverer of this orgone energy emitting from every living cell led him to develop a box in which he placed his subjects. These subject were suffering from many varied types of illnesses and disease and sat in his "orgone Accumulator". This accumulator was also made up of his matrix mix of alternate layers of resin and metal which over time proved unbelievably beneficial to the health showing positive results and even full recoveries from normally terminal ailments.

In today's daily lifestyle we are constantly being surrounded and bombarded by harmful resonating frequencies from our electrical appliances and mobile cellphone towers. Orgone energy transforms this deadly frequency radiation into positive energy thus also being beneficial when placed in one's surroundings. People making and using their own Orgonite devices have witnessed great positive changes in their moods and the moods of anyone coming into contact or actually being in the location of an orgonite piece. This is a simple tool being used by many worldwide and doesn't cost and arm or a leg to either buy or make yourself. For more information on this process visit the below mentioned website.

Find out more about the power of Orgone Energy and Orgonite:

Article Source: [] How Orgone Promotes Healing



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