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Sunday, July 31, 2022

50. The Cauldron

The Lines

Bottom. [6] Every man has a place in society, and every man can find success in life if he conducts himself in the right way, i.e., if he follows the right path. Not every man is destined to be a leader or a great man or sage. But by aligning himself with the universal forces of right, he can become everything he is naturally capable of becoming. This means he can find success, accomplish things, and be recognized as a good man and a contributor to his community. Every man is recognized by his fellow men, not for what he feels inside about his inner worth, but for what he accomplishes externally for the benefit of others. But he cannot make real progress in accomplishing things that benefit others unless he pursues rightful goals in a rightful way.

2. [9] It is the duty of every man to do something significant with his life -- something that distinguishes him as a person and that makes a contribution to the life of his community, however modest the contribution may be. Unfortunately, if he does this, he is bound to evoke the envy of some members of the community who view achievement in a competitive light. But as long as the man does not brag about his accomplishments and allows his work to speak for itself, this kind of petty envy will be seen by others for what it is, and it will do him little harm.

3. [9] A man of great abilities and good character remains unrecognized by his fellow men. He works hard and is quite productive, but the work he produces gains scant notice and has little or no influence. He feels frustrated and upset by this lack of recognition, and wonders if there is something wrong with him, or if his work is defective or unworthy. He fears that all of his personal assets and all the work he is doing is going to waste, and he asks himself if perhaps he should be doing something else that might be more effective. It is important for such a man only to make sure that what he does and how he does it is in alignment with the forces of the Universe, that is, with what is right. If those conditions are fulfilled, he need not worry. He should be patient, for in time his frustration will be relieved, his work will be recognized, and what he does will have influence on others. What is important is not what others think or recognize, but whether what he does is guided by what is right.

4. [9] A man has accepted a great but difficult opportunity which has great responsibilities, but he is not adequate for the task. Moreover, he does not even make as much an effort as he could, and wastes his time with unworthy companions, leaving the work in the care of others. This entire enterprise reeks with failure, and the man deserves nothing but personal humiliation for such an inept handling of his job.

5. [6] A kindly man of great modesty who is responsible for an important enterprise attracts expert helpers who ably assist him in carrying out his tasks. It is important that the man realize that it is his kind and modest attitude and his openness to able men that has enabled him to gather together these outstanding assistants, and this in turn is what has enabled him to be as successful as he has become. Were he to change and become proud and boastful following his great success and good fortune, he would be in danger of undermining the entire enterprise. It is his openness that holds everyone together, that makes them feel that they will be listened to and thus be effective, and that causes them all to want to contribute their very best. It is vital, therefore, that he retain this modest, open attitude and continue with the prescription for success that has worked so well for him thus far.

Top. [9] The wise sage, in dispensing his beneficial work to mankind, does so with the purest attitude and the utmost mildness of manner. His thoughts and intentions are in perfect harmony with the universal forces, and he finds favor with God and with men. He dispense his gifts freely and openly to all who choose to receive them, and the greatness of his vision is clear to all. The work he does is of great benefit to mankind and is influential over all who come within his sphere.

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Saturday, July 30, 2022

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42. Increase

The Lines

Bottom. [9] When unseen forces come together to provide a man with the strength and capacity to achieve something great, it is essential that he use the favorable time responsibly and timely. Such opportunities are rare, and the man will have great success if he uses the occasion to benefit others, and not take advantage of the favorable times merely to enrich himself. If he acts in this way for the benefit of others, his activities will be free of criticism.

2. [6] A man who has dedicated himself to accomplishing worthy deeds will find himself favored by unseen forces, and what he seeks will come about almost of itself. When the forces of the universe are in harmony, there is nothing that can oppose them. Nevertheless, it is incumbent upon the man to keep himself in harmony with those forces, and this he may do by not taking his good fortune for granted, by paying close attention to his purposes, and by being careful to keep himself on a rightful path. With all things working together in this manner, he will be able to accomplish great works for mankind and bring honor upon himself.

3. [6] When everything favors the dedicated man, even events that might ordinarily seem unfortunate turn out to be an advantage for him. This is not a problem for him, however. He is not looked upon as one who profits from the misfortune of others, but rather as one who takes misfortune and turns it into something less of a calamity. By adhering to what is honest and true, the man makes no mistakes and is honored as one who speaks with the authority of Heaven.

4. [6] In a time of progress and abundance, a man who acts as a mediator serves an important function if he is careful to see to it that the higher authorities are kept informed and the people are dealt with justly and generously. In a time when difficult enterprises are underway, it is important that everyone feels they are being treated fairly and have no reason for not working together.

5. [9] A truly kind man bestows his kindness upon those in distress on the basis of need, not merit. He thinks not about those who will show gratitude, but about those who will suffer great injury if someone does not help them. He does not expect to be rewarded, but he nevertheless does receive recognition for his generosity, and his kindness serves as an example to others.

Top. [9] A man in a high place who ignores his duty to work for the benefit of those who are his responsibility soon finds that they have turned away from him. He does not receive their support, and this in turn denies him the cooperation and good fortune that might otherwise come his way. If a man places himself outside the beneficial forces that surround him and in opposition to those who depend upon him, he cannot expect those forces to reward him or those dependents to come to his rescue. A selfish heart should not expect unselfish gifts in return. A man who refuses to provide protection for others cannot expect them to come to his aid when he is attacked.

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Friday, July 29, 2022

55. Abundance

The Lines

Bottom. [9] To join with another who seeks to achieve the same goals through action and clear understanding can only serve to bring about success. With such combined forces, success is assured. No matter how much time they spend working together, they will both find the association stimulating and highly productive.

2. [6] Inferior people are active, and their powerful influence confuses the situation, so that a leader is unable to identify the persons on whom he might depend to accomplish a great work. Under such circumstances, a superior man is envied and disparaged by inferior people, and anything he does is met with distrust and opposition. He is unable to energetically pursue anything that might be productive. All such a man can do is hold to the clarity of his inner vision and stand by what is true. Eventually, the truth of the situation will be comprehended by the leader, and he will realize that the superior man is the only one capable of doing the job.

3. [9] A man's effectiveness can be completely pushed to the side by the prevalence of inferior men, who rise and make their presence known before the leader. The situation is so dominated by inferior people, nothing the man does will turn out successful, despite his best efforts. Although his influence is completely crowded out, he cannot be blamed for this outcome. He is prevented by the circumstances from being effective.

4. [9] The influence of dark forces begins to fade. Persons of clear knowledge and action are able to come together, and a superior man meets a leader who is like-minded with himself. The man's enthusiasm is matched by the leader's wisdom, and the combination means that a favorable outcome is then possible.

5. [6] When a leader is modest and has an open mind to the counsel of wise and able assistants, a large number of good ideas can be made available for consideration by everyone. Many excellent possibilities can be presented and acted upon utilizing the combined intelligence of everyone involved. This results in some great projects that lead to outstanding success, with recognition and prosperity for all.

Top. [6] If a man becomes obsessed with his success, if he is overcome with pride and arrogance because of his own achievements and so dominates everyone that he closes his mind to their counsel, then he loses touch with those he needs most, he loses sight of the whole point of his endeavors, and all his efforts come to naught. Abundance becomes an empty shell because the man got carried away with it all. He ends up alone and with nothing

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Thursday, July 28, 2022

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64. Before Completion

The Lines

1. [6] Rushing ahead to completion is a mistake. Even though completion is near, things must be allowed to work themselves out in their own time. Judicious caution when the end is in sight avoids a regrettable calamity.

2. [9] Patience and caution are needed as the end approaches, but it is important not to let patience turn into indifference and carelessness. Even though one must not rush ahead, one must still keep completion in mind and work steadily towards it if ultimate success is to be achieved. Constant attention and effort is still required, but it must be controlled and restrained.

3. [6] The time has arrived! Completion of the task is at hand! But one lacks the resources to bring things to a close. Forging ahead regardless of capacity to do so could only result in catastrophe. At such a time, it is necessary to find those who can add to the effort and then, under these new circumstances, make the supreme effort needed to bring it to a successful close.

4. [9] The final phase requires enormous effort and determination. It is necessary to proceed as though with one heart and one mind and not be deterred by doubters. Evil forces may try to intervene, but they must be vigorously overcome. Once the battle is over, once completion is realized, the rewards of successful completion will be won.

5. [6] Completion is accomplished. The culmination of a long and faithful struggle is finally realized. The rewards for all one's efforts are at hand. The result is an important and useful contribution that will remain in existence for the benefit of many.

6. [9] Completion brings celebration, and why not? The great work is completed, and the benefits are to be enjoyed. Nevertheless, one must remain circumspect and celebrate with discretion. It would be foolish to detract from the completion of a massive undertaking with a single act of foolishness.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

43. Breakthrough


The Lines Bottom. 

[9] At the very beginning, when the time is auspicious for the superior man finally to overcome past difficulties, it is essential that he carefully gauge his ability to advance. A set-back at this time could be devastating, and would probably abort his entire mission. Because it is a time of transition, the opposing forces are still alive and strong. Therefore, the superior man only attempts as much as he is certain that he can accomplish. To force himself forward regardless of his ability to sustain the advance would produce unfortunate results.

2. [9] The superior man is prepared for any untoward event as he endeavors to secure advancement. If he is mentally prepared for any eventuality whatsoever, then he is not shaken by anything that crops up. He hopes for a smooth transition, of course; but he also carefully considers the many ways that things could go wrong so that he will not only be ready for them, but he will know what to do if something untoward happens. With such thorough preparation, he can walk in the midst of dangers as if they were not there, and people will accept his leadership without question. Meticulous attention to every possible problem that might arise extinguishes fear and anxiety. Preparation creates ease of mind.

3. [9] In a time of transition, inferior people remain active and must be dealt with. One cannot shun them entirely, because they still have the power to undermine the superior man's advancement and defeat his goals. At the same time, to seem to be accommodating to the inferior elements raises questions in the minds of many of the superior man's followers, who actively oppose the inferior elements, as to whether he is really committed to the goals he says he supports. The superior man regrets these uncertain appearances, but he is sure of two things: he cannot outright reject and turn his back on the inferior elements, otherwise that would undermine his own intentions; and his integrity is absolutely unimpeachable, regardless of appearances, because he has no intention whatsoever to actually support the inferior elements. He is in a position where he cannot fully explain himself, for that would be taken by the inferior elements as a kind of repudiation that is precisely what he does not intend to convey to them. Therefore, the superior man does what he must, ignores the discontent of his followers with himself, weathers the minor distrust and uncertainty, and eventually, all works out for the best.

4. [9] A man wishes desperately to advance his own goals, but push as hard as he might, he finds it is impossible and he cannot. The difficulties are greater than his powers enable him to overcome, and his every effort is met with superior opposition. His problem, however, is his own anxious and insistent desire. If he would just let go and let others carry through, things would work out, and he would find success, even if it would not come in exactly the form he desires it. But he cannot let go, and will not. It has to be his way, or not at all. He insists that his exertions be met with acceptance, and so his failure is unavoidable.

5. [9] Offhand, an inferior man in a high position seems impossible to overcome. He is in a position of authority, and can defeat any measure the superior man comes up with. But the superior man cannot surrender his integrity, even in the face of seemingly impossible odds. He maintains a steady course, sticking always to his inner convictions, regardless of the apparent chance of success. And he must do this. This is the only course open to him if he is to remain a superior man.

Top. [6] At the very end of a transition, when almost all of the inferior element is eliminated and only the most insignificant remnants remain, it might seem that the little that remains is hardly worthy of attention. Since the bulk of the work has been done, a man might assume that the tiny little bit of evil left will soon cease to exist due to the overall momentum that has been achieved. But this is a mistake. Deliberate, conscious effort must be exerted, otherwise these insignificant remnants will stay in place and begin to take root again, just like a cancer that was not entirely cut out. Therefore, the man cannot rely on momentum to complete the job. He must keep working at it until the inferior elements are completely eradicated and not a hint of the past condition remains. Otherwise what looked like a successful conclusion will deteriorate and end in misfortune.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

58. The Joyous

The Lines

Bottom. [9] A man experiences joy within himself and is not dependent on any external approval. He needs neither praise nor the approval of the world because his confidence rests on a heart that is honest and that honestly seeks what is right. Since his heart is open and his mind is not filled with self-centered ideas, since he himself is content and is free of acquisitive desires as well as emotional revulsions, he journeys through life with happiness and good fortune as his lot.

2. [9] Any man may sometimes be tempted to associate with inferior people and indulge in entertainments that are vulgar and degrading. But a superior man finds such activities distasteful and invariably regrets the time wasted on them, even if only for a short while. Eventually, he realizes that such dalliance is futile, that there is no real pleasure involved, and he resolves to avoid such diversions completely. Even his inferior associates recognize that he experiences no real joy in such things, and they cease trying to persuade him to accompany them.

3. [6] The superior man finds joy in his very existence. His thoughts and meditations bring him pleasure as does his work and his recreational activities, which are educational, uplifting and enlightening. But the inferior man is empty inside. He has no interest in constructive activities or enlightening experiences. Instead, he seeks entertainments and diversions that will distract him from a recognition of his inner vacuum. He is miserable if he is isolated and alone for any length of time. He depends on the external world to fill his emptiness, and his lack of an internal life attracts an endless stream of empty diversions. The more he indulges in filling this void with idle pleasures, the less he is able to cultivate the life of his mind. His spirit shrivels, his personality deteriorates, and his life sinks deeper into meaninglessness.

4. [9] If a man cannot decide between the enlightenment and development of his mind, and the idle entertainments offered by the world, he will feel himself torn between them. It is a choice between the deeper joys of cultural activities, and the frivolous pleasures of mindless amusements. Finally he realizes that distractions have no depth and provide no genuine satisfaction; that only the finer pleasures of art, literature and similar uplifting activities bring any lasting satisfactions; that meaningless entertainments leave him disappointed, whereas meaningful ones make him feel better about himself. The choice becomes obvious, the uncertainty is eliminated, and he enjoys a richer, happier existence.

5. [9] A good man with worldly contacts will meet persons or opportunities that mislead him into unrewarding and unprofitable activities. Often, these diversions seem harmless at first, and a person can easily allow them to take over more and more of his time. The harmful effects are so little noticed, and their intrusion is so gradual, the man is hardly aware of what is happening or of the danger he is slipping into. But if he becomes aware of what is has been going on and awakens to the danger, he can take steps to extricate himself, and he escapes unharmed.

Top. [6] A man has allowed himself to be seduced by empty pleasures that encourage his self-indulgence. If he has no inner depth, no central core of being, these diversions easily take over his whole life and he cares about nothing else. He is completely possessed by them, they have in fact taken over his life, and he is no longer in control. Whatever becomes of him is determined by these outside forces, not by himself. If his diversions are physically harmful, he will be physically harmed. If they are intellectually degenerative, his intellect will suffer. He is at their mercy.

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Monday, July 25, 2022

57. We See Not What They Do - The Gental

The Lines

Bottom. [6] To be influential, a man must remain steady and directed towards a clearly defined goal. Indecision defeats his purpose, confuses those he would influence, and wastes his resources. Gentleness, which is proper, refers to the manner of one's conduct, not to things like determination and goal orientation. If a leader is doubtful about the direction in which he wants to move, how can he expect his followers to move ahead with confidence? If he doesn't want to step aside and let someone of a more resolute character take the lead, then he must deliberately choose a carefully thought-through coarse and proceed slowly but orderly.

2. [9] It often happens that people fall under the influence of mythical ideas of doubtful origin. Often, no one knows exactly where such ideas came from, and are unable to find any rational reason for clinging to them. They are rumors or traditions or delusions or prejudices or old-wives tales that have been passed around by word of mouth, but which many people cling to and allow to influence their actions. When such ideas stand in the way of progress, it is necessary to examine them closely and take a completely rational, scientific approach to them. Where did these ideas come from? How did they get started? Is there any basis for them in reality? Are they based mainly on irrational fears? Most often, these ideas are fictions implanted in the minds of gullible believers by priests and charlatans who have something to gain by spreading such falsehoods. By discussing the subject openly, clearly identifying these deceptions, revealing the lack of an intelligent basis, and exposing the real reasons why they have been passed along, these false ideas are brought out into the light of day and deprived of their power over people.

3. [9] There is a point beyond which careful consideration and reflection becomes dalliance and procrastination. Unending questions about which path to take turns into a hindrance to progress and an excuse for doing nothing. After all the important facets have been identified and taken into account, a decision should be made, and it becomes time to move on. By going back over a decision and endlessly reconsidering and re-evaluating the basis for the decision, the energy needed to move ahead is dissipated, a person loses his initiative, and he sinks into a sea of self-doubt. New facts always require that a decision be reconsidered; but rehashing old facts and past decisions is a waste of time and effort.

4. [6] A superior man possessing long and valuable experience occupies a highly responsible position. He is a man of modest character, but he has great enthusiasm and determination. He is a good organizer and a careful planner, and he is unafraid to face difficulties and take the needed action. He performs his tasks with a high sense of rectitude, his work is a great service to mankind, and his beneficial influence encourages all who associate with him. Such a man possesses all the keys to success.

5. [9] The man enters upon work that has had a mediocre beginning. Great changes are needed if the goals of the enterprise are to be successfully met. His entrance upon the scene provides the opportunity to make the vast changes that are needed. If carefully planned and well-executed, all can be accomplished successfully. But there are very many changes that need to be made, and many of them are quite complicated. The need for change is obvious, but exactly what those changes should be is what is difficult and what has prevented their being implemented already. The man, therefore, does not rush into the many changes, since that might produce confusion and failure. He plans each change precisely and takes whatever time might be necessary so that he is sure everything will be done right and will correct the problem. Then after the change is effected, the man does not then move on to something else. Not at all. He carefully reviews the changes and assures himself that they have been carried out as intended and have indeed solved the problem. He is also careful to see to it that workers do not slip back into old habits and revert to the old ways of doing things. This kind of checking can only be done over a considerable period of time. If he makes these kinds of careful plans and then carefully reviews the changes that were made, he can feel confident that his work will be successful.

Top. [9] The man sees clearly the misconceptions and delusions he is up against, but he lacks the power and influence to overcome them. These ideas are strongly held, and he is unable to convince people to abandon them. If he tries to attack these ideas, he will convince no one, and turn everyone against him. Unfortunately, there is nothing he can do about this. He must accept the situation and learn to live with it.


Sunday, July 24, 2022

51. Thunder - The Arousing

The Lines

1. [9] Sudden Change often appears as sudden loss at first. But after this initial reaction, a man realizes that change need not mean disaster, but can lead to its very opposite and produce advancement instead. Thus, change brings the occasion for real joy.

2. [6] Sudden Change often does indeed produce great and unavoidable loss. But the change also creates new situations in which the loss is recoverable. Thus, while taking necessary precautions to avoid further loss, the wise man awaits the opportunity to recover his losses in the new situations that are brought about.

3. [6] A Sudden Change of events can bring catastrophe, and the man is at a loss for what to do. In the face of such confusion and change, a man cannot know what steps he should take, and is inclined to passively submit to his fate. But inactivity is not the answer. If he will seize the initiative, a way out of the disaster can be found.

4. [9] Not every Sudden Change can be turned to advantage. If a situation is unyielding, if no chance for recovery opens up, then a person is stuck with nowhere to go.

5. [6] When a series of Sudden Changes befall a man, there is a danger of being swept away by it all in a haze of confusion. Thus it is important that the man focus clearly on his rightful course and keep that ever in mind, regardless of the turn of events.

6. [6] Disastrous change results in confusion and loss of direction. A man finds it impossible to determine in which direction he should proceed. Whatever he might do only promises to make things worse. Under such circumstances, the wise man comes to a halt and refuses to proceed with any kind of plan. He listens to no one, but waits until a rightful path becomes clear to him. By doing nothing until the time is right, he saves himself from harm.

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Saturday, July 23, 2022

4. Youthful Folly

The Lines

Bottom. [6] A person who lacks discipline will not be able to devote himself to the intensive study necessary to master a subject. Discipline does not mean the forced performance of dull routine, however. That only deadens the mind and replaces true inquiry. Discipline means focusing one's attention on the object of study until it becomes clear, until it is understood and can be used. The young child is accustomed to play and expects everything to be fun. But the serious student finds pleasure in working on something that is difficult until it becomes easy.

2. [9] A kind man is patient with inexperienced youth. He is meticulous with explanations to those who find it difficult to comprehend. He takes it as his responsibility to help and encourage such persons, not to ridicule and humiliate them. With tolerance and inner strength, such a man is able to lead large groups of the young and inexperienced.

3. [6] An inexperienced person, seeking improvement, loses his way if he indulges himself in adulation of a strong man that he views as a hero. It is not by becoming a devotee of some admired person, but by developing one's own inner self that a person is able to find his true self. Hero worship is bad for both the worshipper and the object of his adulation, because it focuses on a personal, emotional relationship rather than on the development of independence. A servile relationship only leads to disillusionment.

4. [6] There is little that can be done for one who is caught up in fantasy and unrealistic expectations. Such a person needs to escape his imaginative world and return to reality. The best thing a teacher can do is to abandon such a one to his folly until he comes back down to earth.

5. [6] To be childlike in attitude is to be open to receive instruction. Openness does not necessarily mean being gullible. It means not being arrogant, not being resistant nor full of oneself and one's own ideas. Such a mind is easy to teach, and is the perfect soil for developing a flourishing intellect.

Top. [9] At times, it is necessary to take firmer measures with youthful folly when it persists. But the punishment should be mild, and its purpose must be to educate, not to destroy. The desired end is that the wrongdoer learns to act more responsibly and to abandon his foolish ways. But excessive punishment will only teach resentment and harden attitudes, not serve to prevent a recurrence. The purpose of punishment for pursuing folly is not to inflict retribution, but to change behavior.

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Friday, July 22, 2022

17. Following

The Lines

Bottom. [9] Times change, and a man must adapt to changing times, though always maintaining his principles based on what is right. He who does not change and adapt with the times soon finds his circle of followers growing smaller and smaller and his prospects growing less and less. Hence, it is important that the man not surround himself with just followers who agree with him, but that he go outside his own circle and listen to the views of all kinds of men, even those who disagree with him or consider themselves his enemy. He remains in touch with his followers, but he also remains willing to reach out to others and to know and understand them in order to maintain the broadest of views.

2. [6] A man must choose carefully those he associates with. If he wastes time with unworthy characters, he will not have time for more worthy companions. Moreover, unworthy associates tend to drive away those more worthwhile, who may be more discerning and particular than is the man and find such persons distasteful. Since unworthy companions tend to distract a man and lead him into unworthy actions, his inattention to the quality of his associates will mean that his efforts will come to naught.

3. [6] Association with persons of high quality improves a man's character and his fortunes. Though he may lose some companions who are uncomfortable with those who are more worthy, the loss is not significant and is more than made up for by the advantages he gains to his life and work from persons who have more to contribute. The right choice is clear, but still the man must decide: does he want to improve himself and better his opportunities, or does he want to waste his time and substance with persons who are unworthy and fritter away things that are important?

4. [9] A man in a prominent position may attract unworthy associates who recognize his good qualities, and he allows this merely because he chooses to overlook their inferior qualities. Such people, however, are only using him for whatever advantage it may bring them, and will do whatever it takes to win his favor. If the man surrounds himself with those kinds of parasites, he will surely meet with misfortune. It is necessary that he ignore their flattery and look beyond the feeling of importance such people give him. If he can focus clearly on his goals and the principles he knows to be important, he will be able to see these people as they are and not be distracted from what it is he wishes to accomplish.

5. [9] Every person stands for something, whether he has articulated it clearly or not. This is what defines his character, determines his choices, and forms his destiny. If he devotes himself to that which is honest and true, that which is just and right, and that which is beautiful and uplifting, his life will be enhanced, and he will find success and satisfaction on his path.

Top. [6] A man may have lived a productive life of service to mankind, he may have struggled with difficulties and improved himself until he now occupies a place of respect, and he may feel that the time has come to withdraw from the world of men and enjoy a time of repose. But if a person who fully appreciates the man comes forth and entreats him to take on yet another worthy effort, he may do so, and he and his follower will both benefit from the effort. The result will be a worthy contribution to mankind, together with well-deserved honors and recognition to the man.

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Thursday, July 21, 2022

19. Approach

The Lines

Bottom. [9] At the outset, the time is favorable for beginning worthwhile projects, and these are supported by some important people. Superior men are encouraged by this and gladly become part of the joint effort. But it is important that a person not be swept along by the general enthusiasm and lose his sense of direction. Only by persisting in what is right can good fortune be assured.

2. [9] If those in a higher position favor the expansion and a man has the ability to work diligently and carefully without the need of an overseer to direct his every move, things will turn out well. Although he is well aware of the nature of such times of growth and expansion and realizes that after a period of rapid growth, a time of decline inevitably sets in, yet he does not allow such sober thoughts to deter him. For the time being, everything furthers his advancement, and he goes along with it without hesitation, living fully in the present moment.

3. [6] In a time of expansion, a man enjoys the fruits of his abilities. He is at the height of his powers, has been able to accomplish great things, and he is viewed with honor and respect. But it is at just such a time that he easily slips into being overconfident. He begins to act careless, as if nothing could reduce his position. But this is a mistake, and will surely lead to disaster. Nevertheless, all need not be lost. If he comes to his senses in time and sees the extent of his carelessness, he can begin to act more responsibly and rescue himself from an unhappy fate. The moment of weakness can be rectified, and any damage caused by his temporary lapse can be corrected.

4. [6] The superior man identifies competent subordinates in whom he confides, and whom he elevates to serve as trusted assistants. In selecting such persons, he pays no heed to judgments based on superficial distinctions and unrelated marks of status, but looks at their character, their abilities, and their dedication to the work that needs to be done. He puts such competent persons in positions of influence, and this move makes a substantial contribution to the success of his efforts.

5. [6] A man in a high position needs assistants who are able to help with the various parts of his activities. In selecting such persons, he is careful to choose those who are highly capable, and those who have the ability to work on their own without constant supervision. He then allows them to function independently, knowing that he can depend upon them to do what is right and to work efficiently for the success of the enterprise. He places his trust in such highly competent assistants, knowing that the best, most competent people are unwilling to work in situations where they do not have the freedom to make decisions and to act in accordance with their own best determinations, being responsible to higher authority for the results, but not dependent on those in higher positions for how to proceed.

Top. [6] The superior man who has left the everyday world in order to pursue the life of a wise sage may sometimes be persuaded to return and lead others for a particular endeavor. This is highly beneficial to all those with whom he works, for he is able to give them the benefits of wisdom acquired over many years of experience and through long hours of study. Such a return to the mundane world of man may seem like a lowering of his standing in the eyes of some, but it does him no harm, and it contributes greatly to the benefit of all concerned.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

11. Peace

The Lines

1. [9] When a capable person sets out to accomplish things in propitious times, good helpers are attracted to the possibilities and join in gladly in the work that needs to be done. Good people want to be a part of a flourishing enterprise, and are gladly connected to the leader with similar objectives.

2. [9] Every person is able to contribute something to an enterprise, if they have a willing attitude. A leader, therefore, bears with those of lesser ability and tries to draw from them whatever they are capable of contributing. There is much work to be done, and some of it is quite difficult. Hence, everyone's contribution is needed and of value, and the attention of all should be directed towards the goals of the enterprise, not merely personal advancement.

3. [9] Good fortune never moves forward forever. There are always setbacks and periods of decline. Therefore, in times of good fortune, the wise leader is always aware that it will sooner or later run its course. And through whatever turns of Fate that come his way, he remains steadfast and focused on his worthy objectives.

4. [6] In times of success, the good leader is still approachable. He is not carried away by his good fortune and does not focus on his own advancement. He is generous to the lowly, because he knows that every man, regardless of his station, has a role to play and a contribution to make in this world.

5. [6] A person of great ability is capable of working under the direction of someone of lesser status without asserting their superiority. Such a submissive relationship is conducive to harmony and permits the accomplishment of necessary tasks.

Top [6] Change brings about the end of good fortune and prosperity. Decline is inevitable, and violent resistance would only make matters worse. All a person can do is keep to his worthy goals and be supportive of those around him that are in agreement with his intentions.

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Credit | 11.Peace - YouTube


Tuesday, July 19, 2022

6. Conflict

The Lines

Bottom. [6] At the very beginning, it is best not to make a big issue of a minor conflict. Find some way to make a reasonable and amicable accommodation over the thing, before it grows into something big. Rather than push things to a definite decision with an adversary who has the upper hand, make a reasonable give and take adjustment. Then, even if some disagreement arises, it will not go far and can be easily settled.

2. [9] If the opposing forces are definitely stronger, and one is not likely to succeed against them, it is better to back-off and concede, rather than pushing things to an open conflict and being humiliated by defeat. An accommodating attitude is like an offer of goodwill, and all concerned are able to avoid taking sides in an open conflict.

3. [6] Seeking recognition for something that is not entirely one's own work only creates distrust and resentment. If one is really the source, then another is not likely to get far claiming credit. Nevertheless, if one is working on behalf of and in service to another, he should not expect to receive public recognition for what he does. His satisfaction comes from seeing that the work is done and that his superior is pleased to make use of it. Recognition under such circumstances is not appropriate, and only detracts from the final outcome.

4. [9] A person may be inclined to enter into a conflict because he thinks there is some advantage to be had, even when he is not entirely on the side of right. If he has the upper hand, he may succeed, even if unjustly. But such a course will not bring lasting satisfaction, and he should realize this and turn away. Only be remaining on the side of what is right does a man live with himself satisfactorily. And when he does this, things turn out well.

5. [9] One need not hesitate to place his case before a strong and fair judge who can be depended upon to do what is right. If one is indeed right, only good could come from employing such a referee.

Top. [9] If, contrary to all good advice, a person persists in conflict without relenting, it may happen that he is actually seen as victorious. In spite of all, he gets his way and overcomes the opposition. But it is as a pyrrhic victory that brings no lasting satisfaction and no good results. He will never be able to rest secure in his supposed accomplishment, and he will be constantly assaulted in his hard-won position.

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Credit | 6.Conflict - YouTube


Monday, July 18, 2022

51. Arousing

The Lines

1. [9] Sudden Change often appears as sudden loss at first. But after this initial reaction, a man realizes that change need not mean disaster, but can lead to its very opposite and produce advancement instead. Thus, change brings the occasion for real joy.

2. [6] Sudden Change often does indeed produce great and unavoidable loss. But the change also creates new situations in which the loss is recoverable. Thus, while taking necessary precautions to avoid further loss, the wise man awaits the opportunity to recover his losses in the new situations that are brought about.

3. [6] A Sudden Change of events can bring catastrophe, and the man is at a loss for what to do. In the face of such confusion and change, a man cannot know what steps he should take, and is inclined to passively submit to his fate. But inactivity is not the answer. If he will seize the initiative, a way out of the disaster can be found.

4. [9] Not every Sudden Change can be turned to advantage. If a situation is unyielding, if no chance for recovery opens up, then a person is stuck with nowhere to go.

5. [6] When a series of Sudden Changes befall a man, there is a danger of being swept away by it all in a haze of confusion. Thus it is important that the man focus clearly on his rightful course and keep that ever in mind, regardless of the turn of events.

6. [6] Disastrous change results in confusion and loss of direction. A man finds it impossible to determine in which direction he should proceed. Whatever he might do only promises to make things worse. Under such circumstances, the wise man comes to a halt and refuses to proceed with any kind of plan. He listens to no one, but waits until a rightful path becomes clear to him. By doing nothing until the time is right, he saves himself from harm.

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Saturday, July 16, 2022

10. Proper Conduct

The Lines Bottom.

[9] A man who is not involved in a complicated relationship with others remains free of any obligations. His simple life-style allows him to follow his own inclinations, but the simplicity of his activities means he does not have much influence. If he is content with that, all is well and good. He will accomplish things on a small scale without any problem and will enjoy the satisfactions that come from minimal involvements in the world. If, on the other hand, he is dissatisfied with such simplicity and has a gnawing desire to improve his situation, his interest will be in advancing himself, not in accomplishing something. Success in such ambitious undertakings means he will become arrogant and materialistic.

2. [9] If a man chooses the quiet life of a man of wisdom and remains apart from the turmoil of the world, content with his basic needs and not desirous of material acclaim and rewards, he can travel through life peacefully, untroubled by the earthly cares that beset those who seek greater involvement. He can observe the ways of the world while being uninvolved himself. His quiet life-style means he does not challenge the forces that throw the lives of other men into disarray.

3. [6] If a man chooses to ignore his own limitations and plunges ahead into worldly involvements regardless of the difficulties and his lack of abilities, he will overextend himself and expose himself to great dangers. Such recklessness is sure to bring on great difficulties and possibly disaster. This kind of commitment is justified only when a person must rise in defense of something that cannot be abandoned or neglected, or for someone to whom he owes total loyalty.

4. [9] The situation may be dangerous, but the man is convinced he has the power to prevail. Nevertheless, he hesitates out of caution and a natural fear of the possible consequences. His lack of confidence, however, is his biggest problem. If he has the capacity to prevail, he will be successful in spite of the danger.

5. [9] A man recognizes that he must stand up and take charge of the situation, regardless of how dangerous it is. But as long as he remains fully aware of the danger and carefully calculates his actions based on that awareness, he can succeed. Full awareness of the situation enables him to judge exactly what he must do at each step of the way in order to insure that everything works out well. Maintaining his attention on the danger will help prevent him from falling into it.

Top. [9] In the end, how can a man know if his efforts will be successful? It is to look at the consequences that followed from the actions he has taken. If the effects that follow from actions taken are favorable, then the results of the entire effort will be good. It is difficult for a man to understand his own motivations in everything he does. Often he acts instinctively, thinking that whatever he is doing is for the best. But if he looks at the effects that his actions have, if he observes the responses that follow from what he does, then he will know whether he is acting correctly and whether in the end things will turn out successfully or not.

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Friday, July 15, 2022

46. Pushing Upward

The Lines

Bottom. [6] The man's ascent starts from humble beginnings, but he draws his strength from the simplicity of his lifestyle and his ability to work hard learned in those difficult times. This is a man whom Fate intends for higher things. He is able to move amongst men of consequence and associate with them as an equal. He has a vision that marks him as someone destined to be a leader, and his confidence enables him to accomplish great things.

2. [9] A man of strength who lacks pleasant manners but who is a hard worker with a vision of great accomplishments is nevertheless accepted and experiences no problems from his brashness. He is a man of sincerity and good character, and people are willing to overlook his rough edges.

3. [9] The man meets with no competition or obstructions, but he is not certain how long this will last. He obtains his goals with ease, but will he be able to retain the position he has won so readily? The question remains unanswered, but he does not let that stop him. He does what he can, when he can, exploiting all the possibilities available to him in the present time, and does not allow the possibility that it might not last deter him in any way.

4. [6] The man achieves his goals and is able to produce great works for the benefit of his fellow man. He is received into the highest councils and honored for all his accomplishments. What he has done is indeed significant, and he will be remembered for his beneficial deeds long beyond his own lifetime.

5. [6] The man is making remarkable advancements, but he is in danger of it all going to his head. Everything is coming along too easily, and this could cause him to become careless and not attend to every detail. If he falls into this trap, it could prevent him from attaining his goals. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that he proceed carefully and steadily, step-by-step, even when everything is moving ahead as though nothing could stop him. Only if he proceeds as though he might stumble at the next step, will he succeed in reaching his goal.

Top. [6] If a man pushes ahead blindly, he runs the risk that he may stumble and fall. His advancement has been so easy, he fools himself into thinking that he is invincible, that nothing can stop him, and that he need not bother with details. He is tempted to take unnecessary risks and to run ahead of himself until he exhausts his resources. Such impulsive behavior always leads one into mistakes. It is essential, therefore, that he realize that he must always, without once letting up, adhere carefully to his plans, constantly evaluate his gains, and remain faithful to his goals. Only then will he avoid the foolish mistakes that result when a man advances without carefully considering where he is going

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Credit | 46.Pushing Upward - YouTube


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