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22. Grace

The Lines

Bottom. [9] A novice who is not really the kind of person who should put on a big show must take responsibility for his own progress and how he conducts himself. He avoids pretentiousness, and if there is an opportunity to pretend he is someone he is not, or that he is of a rank that he does not deserve, the person of integrity rejects such artificiality. He prefers to be who he is and present himself as he is, rather than gaining ground by being a fake.

2. [6] To turn one's entire attention to form and appearances betrays a certain egocenteredness. Such a man is not bent on accomplishing any great and substantial work, but only in having the appearance of someone who is important. He spends all his time and effort on cultivating that appearance rather than actually performing the necessary work. Only when his own accomplishments are coordinated with the image he portrays is he without blame.

3. [9] After a man has made a certain amount of advancement, he finds himself in very comfortable circumstances. He is pleased with himself, with his life, and with all the fine things that his life has brought him. It is easy, however, for the pleasantness of his existence to swallow him up, so that he abandons the efforts that are needed for him to continue to advance. He loses the enthusiasm of the determined effort that got him this far. But his entire future depends upon his breaking out of this stage of indolent self-satisfaction.

4. [6] A man is faced with a choice: to continue to pursue life in the fast lane with its flash and glitter, or to return to a simpler mode of living that includes more substantial relationships and opportunities to develop his mind and himself as a person. He knows instinctively that the superficial existence is not for a man of substance, yet there are many aspects of that life that are enjoyable and that he will surely miss. The opportunities for a simple but richer life are before him, and the choice is clear, even if reluctantly made.

5. [6] If a man withdraws from a life of ostentation to one of simplicity and substance, he may find that there are not many who share his sentiments. He wonders what he has to offer to those who do, and after taking inventory finds that he has very little. But this should not deter him. It is not the flashy, ostentatious things that impress real companions, but honest friendship, good conversation, and genuineness of spirit. And this illustrates the difference between the ostentatious and the real. The former companions have no mind things that matter, and the latter care for nothing else.

Top. [9] The sage has perfect beauty of form in everything he does. But this is beauty without ostentation, and appearance without pretentiousness. Rather than being an outward, added element, the graciousness of the sage reveals his inner self, so that everyone who comes in contact with him experiences him in depth and fullness. His simplicity, tranquility and clarity are a window revealing the sincere beauty of his inner being.

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34. Great Power

The Lines

Bottom. [6] A man in a lowly position may have great personal power and ability, but if he tries to exercise it, he meets with misfortune. Ability is not the only factor to consider. In order to be effective, a man must be in a position to use his abilities in a proper and suitable manner. If he tries to act with force and authority that is not natural to his station in life, he will be seen as a self-promoter and a pretender, and he will be rejected with scorn.

2. [6] When a man begins to rise in the estimation of his fellow men, when he begins to move into a position of respect, when his abilities are recognized and a position of power is opening to him, he becomes capable of moving ahead into positions of trust and responsibility. But it is at just such a time that he must be especially careful. If he does not rise to the occasion, he is thought lacking in ability. If he forces himself forward too vigorously, he is considered pushy and over-confident. He is destined for good fortune, but only if he moderates his behavior and carefully -- and quietly! -- takes command, while avoiding being too aggressive in his dealings with others.

3. [9] When he is elevated to a position of power, the inferior man brandishes his power and revels in making a display before everyone of his authority. But this causes him to become entangled in all kinds of reactions and resentments with his associates. He is not respected for this, but is looked upon as a faker who is trying to impress those around him with his new position and authority. The superior man, on the other hand, retains his equanimity and avoids phony displays of power. He realizes that he will be respected for the way he exercises his powers when necessity calls them forth, or when some crisis demands his action, not when he arbitrarily makes a display of his authority. He avoids the empty appearance of power and authority and thus gains the respect of his peers.

4. [9] When a man first ascends to a position of power, he meets with some small amounts of resistance and perhaps even resentment. He comes in as an unknown quantity, and his subordinates are not sure that he can be relied upon to fully exercise the authority of his new position. But if he moves ahead as necessity demands, dealing directly with problems and with whatever challenges to his authority as they arise without shrinking from them for a moment, in time he will be successful. Obstructions will fade away, and any thought that he may have been too forceful in dealing with them will evaporate. He need not rant and rave or explode into rages. Such open displays create problems of their own as associsistent attention to each problem as it arises. Eventually, his persistence will pay off, and his quiet but determined style will be respected.

5. [9] If a man once felt that emotional displays were necessary in order for his authority to be respected, he should realize that such excesses actually do no good. It may appear that this behavior got results, but the truth is, the man can drop such demonstrations and everyone, including himself, will be the happier for it. Outward emotional displays actually indicate a weakness within because the man fears being taken advantage of if he does not continually come on with a belligerent, aggressive attitude. This is just not so. The man should relax. If he will approach problems on a one-on-one basis and never fear coming to grips with exactly what is wrong, never backing off for fear of putting someone on the spot, life will be easier for him and all associated with him, and everything will be done more efficiently than before.

Top. [9] If a man forges ahead relentlessly, he eventually arrives at a point where he encounters nothing but difficulties. He cannot go forward, and it is not feasible to go backward. He has pushed so hard, and the situation has becomes so complex as a result of it, there is nothing that he or anyone else can do. No matter what he tries, things only get worse, and the man is at his wit's end. The solution? Stop! Step aside, look at the situation, and take a moratorium. Let the matter rest, and in time it will sort itself out. It is not so that every problem must be met with some form of active move. Sometimes the wisest thing to do is to do nothing

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58. The Joyous

The Lines

Bottom. [9] A man experiences joy within himself and is not dependent on any external approval. He needs neither praise nor the approval of the world because his confidence rests on a heart that is honest and that honestly seeks what is right. Since his heart is open and his mind is not filled with self-centered ideas, since he himself is content and is free of acquisitive desires as well as emotional revulsions, he journeys through life with happiness and good fortune as his lot.

2. [9] Any man may sometimes be tempted to associate with inferior people and indulge in entertainments that are vulgar and degrading. But a superior man finds such activities distasteful and invariably regrets the time wasted on them, even if only for a short while. Eventually, he realizes that such dalliance is futile, that there is no real pleasure involved, and he resolves to avoid such diversions completely. Even his inferior associates recognize that he experiences no real joy in such things, and they cease trying to persuade him to accompany them.

3. [6] The superior man finds joy in his very existence. His thoughts and meditations bring him pleasure as does his work and his recreational activities, which are educational, uplifting and enlightening. But the inferior man is empty inside. He has no interest in constructive activities or enlightening experiences. Instead, he seeks entertainments and diversions that will distract him from a recognition of his inner vacuum. He is miserable if he is isolated and alone for any length of time. He depends on the external world to fill his emptiness, and his lack of an internal life attracts an endless stream of empty diversions. The more he indulges in filling this void with idle pleasures, the less he is able to cultivate the life of his mind. His spirit shrivels, his personality deteriorates, and his life sinks deeper into meaninglessness.

4. [9] If a man cannot decide between the enlightenment and development of his mind, and the idle entertainments offered by the world, he will feel himself torn between them. It is a choice between the deeper joys of cultural activities, and the frivolous pleasures of mindless amusements. Finally he realizes that distractions have no depth and provide no genuine satisfaction; that only the finer pleasures of art, literature and similar uplifting activities bring any lasting satisfactions; that meaningless entertainments leave him disappointed, whereas meaningful ones make him feel better about himself. The choice becomes obvious, the uncertainty is eliminated, and he enjoys a richer, happier existence.

5. [9] A good man with worldly contacts will meet persons or opportunities that mislead him into unrewarding and unprofitable activities. Often, these diversions seem harmless at first, and a person can easily allow them to take over more and more of his time. The harmful effects are so little noticed, and their intrusion is so gradual, the man is hardly aware of what is happening or of the danger he is slipping into. But if he becomes aware of what is has been going on and awakens to the danger, he can take steps to extricate himself, and he escapes unharmed.

Top. [6] A man has allowed himself to be seduced by empty pleasures that encourage his self-indulgence. If he has no inner depth, no central core of being, these diversions easily take over his whole life and he cares about nothing else. He is completely possessed by them, they have in fact taken over his life, and he is no longer in control. Whatever becomes of him is determined by these outside forces, not by himself. If his diversions are physically harmful, he will be physically harmed. If they are intellectually degenerative, his intellect will suffer. He is at their mercy.

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41. Loss and Reductions


The Lines

Bottom. [9] It is a real act of kindness when a man who has completed his own necessary tasks goes to the aid of someone else who is in need of help without making a fuss over it. But people receiving such aid should be careful not to let the helper overdo it. It ceases to be an act of giving if the person helping injures himself thereby. This requires careful consideration to strike the right balance.

2. [9] To give to another beyond your capacity is no virtue. To destroy yourself to benefit someone else is to do injury to a highly deserving person--yourself! Such over-giving demeans the giver and does more harm than good, even to the recipient. He who serves should be careful to maintain his own self-respect. Serving others is an onerous duty if it means doing injury to oneself, and he who requires that kind of service is an oppressive tyrant.

3. [6] Three people do not make a companionable group, since there is a tendency for one to feel the other two are excluding him, or even plotting against him. A beneficial relationship occurs between two people who can then have a friendly exchange. To bring in a third person will almost always introduce a certain awkwardness as two of the three will tend to enter into a dialog and exclude the third. A person who is alone and seeking companionship tends to make contact with one other person, and avoids interrupting the conversation between two.

4. [6] Potential friends and companions are often turned away by a man's aloofness and unfriendly attitude. If he makes a conscious effort to overcome such faults, it will make it easier for others to associate with him, and he and they will be able to find joy in one another's company. Pleasant manners attract pleasant people.

5. [6] There are times when the forces of nature move unmistakably in a favorable direction. Such times are beyond the control of man. When Fate decrees good fortune for a man, he need not fear that it will fail to come to pass, for no opposition to the hand of Fate can ever be sustained.

Top. [9] A man cannot be faulted if he enjoys prosperity without exploiting or injuring others. Everything he does benefits not only himself, but everyone who is associated with him. Such a man will find good fortune in undertaking great projects that involve many people. He attracts other men to him who are glad to be able to work with him, because everything he does is a blessing to all.

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Create a Digital Marketing Plan to Grow Your Business | Grow with Google

To stand out from your competition online, your small business needs to think about digital marketing. In this Grow with Google video Keisha Mabry Haymore, a Grow with Google Digital Coach, walks you through how to create a digital marketing plan. By considering your brand identity, your business goals, and most importantly your audience, you’ll learn how to publish content, utilize email marketing, and create a google business profile in support of your business.



00:00 - Introduction

00:40 - Who's Your Target Audience

01:04 - Define Your Goals

01:37 - Optimize Your Website

02:30 - Engage With Your Audience on Social Media

02:58 - Creating Content

03:15 - Email Marketing

03:52 - Create Your Google Business Profile

04:14 - Plan Your Schedule


To learn more about how to create a digital marketing plan for your business check out this Google Primer lesson at:


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How To Grow Your Small Business Using Social Media

 How To Grow Your Small Business Using Social Media

By Vardharaj Kawde 

Are you a small business owner looking for ways to grow your business? Are you looking to attract more leads to your business, or have heard about Social Media Marketing, and now want to try it?

As a small business owner you face many challenges - limited capital, minimal support staff and having too much to do in what seems like very little time. So, how do you grow your small business without heavy investment in marketing and advertising? Answer - through the use of technology. Web 2.0 provides you with various tools and techniques that help you to generate leads and increase the exposure of your home-based business. Social media is one such tool. Here's all you need to know as a small business owner to begin increasing revenues using social media.

What is Social Media?

Social Media is a category of online media where people are talking, participating, sharing, networking, and bookmarking online. Examples include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, GooglePlus, and MySpace.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is using the above mentioned platforms to reach a new audience of consumers and create product brand awareness. By spreading word of a product from user to user, Social Media Marketing strives to gain greater legitimacy for a message because it is shared between trusted "friends."

Which Social Media Channels are most popular?

Studies show that Facebook & Twitter are most popular social media channels followed closely by YouTube and LinkedIn, GooglePlus.

Why should Social Media Marketing Interest me?

If you think this kind of Marketing is not for you, think again. These platforms offer a large bundle of benefits to small business owners. Here are some reasons why you should consider using Social Media for your business.

Exposure: As a small business owner you rely largely on network marketing to channel leads to your business - which, in turn relies on your interaction with people. This is the core notion of what Social Media is! But Social Media offers virtually unlimited opportunities to interact with people - millions of them! With this interesting form of marketing, your business is no longer limited to local leads; you will find leads coming in from a diversified geographic market!

Zero-cost: While other marketing media would be expensive, this type of marketing is relatively free, or requires negligible monetary investment. It's a great low-cost way to get your message across.

Improved web presence: Being on popular social media platforms strengthens your web presence. The more people talk about you on Facebook or Twitter, the greater are the chances of your business being found on relevant web searches such as Google, Yahoo!, or Bing.

Direct contact with prospects: These platforms put you in touch with your customers directly. You can have one-on-one contact with them, know what they really want.

Go viral: Such marketing offers you the opportunity to go viral with your marketing. Think about this. You put up a video about your business on YouTube. 10 people like it, and five of them share it with their friends, who in-turn share it with 20 more people. This is known as "viral marketing," and it can be a very effective method to increase your lead generation.

What is a Social Media "game plan" and why should you have one?

A social media game plan is a process consisting of a few simple steps that can help you achieve your social media marketing objectives. The social media arena is large and you can get lost in it if you don't play by the rules. There's a lot of competition and you have to have a clear plan if you want to stand out of the crowd and get noticed.

Your ideal Social Media game plan

A typical game plan for your business should consist of these four steps

Build your network

Propagate your presence

Stay connected


Step 1 - build your network: The first step is to search for and add those users to your network whom you think fall into your target audience segment. When placing a request to add users to your network, it is always better to accompany such requests with a personalized message. You can also look for and join groups that pertain to your line of business. For example, if you are a business selling Health drinks and other health-related products, you could join groups where topics such as nutrition, diet or health are discussed. Such groups provide you audience for the products you have to offer. However, when in a group, do remember to ADD VALUE. Answer questions that you are equipped to answer, actively participate in discussions, be subtle and don't aggressively "push" your products.

Step 2-propagate: The next step is to announce your Social Media presence. You can do this by adding links to your social media pages on your website, e-mail signature line or newsletter, if you have one. You are out there with your business-announce it!

Step 3-stay connected: The third step is to stay connected with your fans and group members. Social media marketing initiative is easy to start, but requires effort to maintain. And like many networking efforts, results are usually not immediate. Acquire permission from group members and others on your network to send e-mails. You can then e-mail relevant content to people on your network. The key here is to send RELEVANT, VALUE ADDING content-not an advertisement of your products/services. If you are a health-drink selling company who is also a part of the diet and nutrition group, you can send links such as '10 Best Anti-Oxidant Rich Fruits' and then perhaps add an image and some information about your product, encouraging people to get in touch with you if they're interested. This approach will be better-received than just sending the prospects an e-mail flyer totally dedicated to your product.

Dos and Don'ts

While social networking is all about human interaction and cannot be strait-jacketed, here are some tips that will come in handy.

What you should do?

Add value to your contacts: Always add value to your contacts. Always! Provide them useful information, tips and other interesting facts that they can use. For example, Jane, a home-based business owner sells health drinks and weight loss products. So, it makes sense for her to provide her audience with interesting articles on the topic of weight loss.

Be consistent in your online participation: It is not a one-time effort. It is about building a relationship... and relationships take time. Be consistent in your social media communication. Have an interesting tweet/post/update at least every day. In some few cases, multiple postings a day are even better-but don't forget rule#1-add value. Your posts shouldn't sound like pointless ramblings or advertisements of your product/service.

Pay attention to what's being discussed: If you have joined a forum or a group, actively participate in relevant discussions. Use your specific, professional knowledge to help others. Contribute to add depth and dimension to a discussion.

Conversation is the key: As mentioned before, social media marketing thrives on relationships. To build a strong relationship with your prospects, you need to engage in a conversation with them. Maintain a 2-way communication between you and your audience. Take genuine interest in what they have to say and follow up on comments or observations that are made.

Thoroughly know the subject you are talking about: Position yourself as an expert on these platforms. But be sure that you know what you're talking about. Research if you aren't sure of something. Mistakes on these platforms spread quickly and damage the reputation of your business.

Personalize your interaction: It's advisable to personalize your interaction with your audience. Inquire about an event or occasion posted on a Wall, such as a recent trip, or "like" their vacation pictures on Facebook.

Portray your individuality: The biggest advantage small business owners have over large corporations is the fact that they are much smaller and haven't lost that real-person feel. Let your audience know the person behind the business. Make sure your interactions include a personal side!

Respond to your customers' grievances ASAP: Did you know that 88% of customers say unanswered complaints on social media sites deter them from doing repeat business? And deleting customer complaints is even worse! So make sure you resolve your customer's complaints on social media platforms immediately. Even if you can't resolve them, at least respond so that they know they're being heard. Acknowledge everything.

Mention your Social Media presence: Advertise your profiles. Always provide links to your social media profile in your website, blog, e-mails and even print materials. For websites and blogs, it's best to add Facebook and twitter widgets which provide a live feed of what's happening on your Facebook/twitter page, right there on your website or blog. Provide incentives or value adding information such as whitepapers or articles in order to encourage people to follow you on social media sites!

Monitor & moderate: Monitor your social media presence. Find out where your name's coming up online and in what context it has been used. A Google alert is the simplest way to do this, though there are many free tools available online to monitor your web presence. Also stay in-control of your social media pages. Read what others are putting up on your page and respond promptly.

Syndicate your Social Media content: Content creation takes time. So why not make the most of the content you have? Post your content on all popular social media sites and don't hesitate to re-use them. Turn a blog post into a link and put it on Facebook. Convert it into a video and add to YouTube and Facebook or turn it into a presentation and put it up on SlideShare. The aim is to get maximum exposure for your content.

What you should not do?

DON'T overtly push your products/services: Social media is a platform

where you build relationships, to create value. It's NOT an advertising venue. Your audience

will shun you if all you talk about is the stuff you sell. Think about it, would you talk to your family

and friends about the products you sell all the time? Of course not! Then don't treat your

social media audience any differently.

DON'T spam your contacts with pointless updates: OK, so now you added two new products to your line-up. While it's great to share the news, don't spam your contacts with ads. Put up a link to the new range of products; monitor who is interested and share information on a need-to-know basis.

DON'T have grammar and spelling errors in your posts: You are a small business out to create an impression. Don't spoil it through spelling and grammatical errors. Use spelling/grammar checking tools, but never rely solely on them. Proofread your posts before putting them up online. If spelling or grammar is not your strong suit, have someone else proofread your work before it goes out

DON'T fail to respond to requests for help in your area of expertise: If you are a part of a group or forum, seize every opportunity to display your expertise. Don't be a wallflower-actively participate in discussions.

DON'T let your profile get stale: Make sure your profile is frequently updated and that you offer something new. One mistake many small business owners make is creating social media profiles and then forgetting about them. Your social media efforts have to be on-going to bear results.

DON'T get distracted: There's a lot of distraction available online-especially on social media channels that can make you lose track of your productive hours online. Games, quizzes, forums and live-chats-while these can be interesting tools to attract prospect interest, focus on your goals. Otherwise you'll find yourself investing too much time and energy into activities that offer no returns to your business.

Article Source: [] How To Grow Your Small Business Using Social Media

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7. The Army

The Lines

Bottom. [9] From the very beginning of a joint effort, right and justice must prevail, and the enterprise must be conducted in an organized fashion. The aim and purpose of the joint effort must be meaningful and made clear to all participants if their loyalty and enthusiasm is expected. Without this element of genuineness, the enterprise is sure to fail. The good leader, therefore, is careful to make clear to all members of the group the purpose of the enterprise and as much about how it will be conducted as is reasonable.

2. [6] He who fills the role of leadership must consider himself a part of the group he expects to lead. His fortunes are tied together with theirs and theirs with his, and he accepts responsibility for all. Only someone who can accept this great responsibility is worthy to be a leader. Whatever honors or recognition he receives is not his alone; it is bestowed upon him as the representative of the group, and each member should look upon such honors as being given to him also.

3. [6] If the leader lacks a clear vision of the group's purpose, if the members of the group are left to their own devices and have no clear understanding of where they are going or what they should be doing, misfortune is bound to result. If there is no proper leadership, if every member of the group is left to rely on his own inept or inadequate vision of the goals of the enterprise, how can it succeed? Without a unifying vision and a clear definition of means, how can a difficult objective be achieved? Uncertainty leads to wasted effort and time lost, and is a sure way for a concerted effort to become unraveled.

4. [6] Retreat is not a disgrace when one is up against impossible odds or an unbeatable foe. Rather, to continue to struggle against such insurmountable difficulties suggests a stubbornness or a failure to carefully calculate the chances for success, and this could only lead to a great catastrophe. But a carefully planned retreat saves the enterprise, avoids catastrophe, and opens the possibility for a renewed struggle at a later time when a more favorable outcome may be expected. A leader who continues in the face of certain defeat just to avoid the appearance of cowardice is not strong but is weak, because he is being guided by fear and a misplaced sense of honor, rather than an intelligent and responsible assessment of the situation. The important thing is the goal of the enterprise, not a mere appearance.

5. [9] The leader of a group should be a man of thorough experience and vision. If a younger man with little experience who lacks a clear understanding of the problems that lie ahead is put in charge, all of the effort, which should be carefully directed, will lead to misfortune. Without a unifying vision and a central command, the element of danger which is inherent in any mass of people can easily surface, allowing the enterprise to get out of hand and people to indulge in destructive behavior. If uncontrolled, the struggle becomes a mob action and the purpose of the struggle degenerates into whatever each member thinks it may be. This is a prescription for chaos and disintegration.

Top. [6] When the end has been achieved, when the struggle is finally over, all those who aided the effort should be rewarded generously. But it is important that even faithful helpers not be given rewards and responsibilities of which they are not worthy. Let inferior helpers be rewarded with material gifts, but not with positions in which they may do harm and undermine the whole purpose of the struggle.

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Omega 3 Fatty Acid Benefits | Fish Oil DHA Supplement Benefits

25. Innocence ~ (The Unexpected)

The Lines

Bottom. [9] There is a certain charm in unstudied innocence that is found in children and even in older persons who are sincerely enthusiastic about a new undertaking. At the very beginning, their approach is unspoiled by duplicity, deceit and disingenuousness. They have not yet become victims of evil men and fallen into cynicism and mistrust. Such an attitude of refreshing honesty always bodes well for the beginner. He acts from the purity of a pristine nature and a good heart.

2. [6] The innocent mind embraces each moment for itself. It enjoys the task before it, without looking always to the attainment of some future goal or the accomplishment of some eagerly sought milestone. The man of pure nature does the best he can in the present moment, and leaves future outcomes in the hands of the universal powers that determine such things. For him, it is enough to be intensely engaged with this moment's task. By thus doing his part and trusting the universal powers to do theirs, the man finds success and fulfillment.

3. [6] Not even the innocent man remains free of adversity. Evil men may happen upon his path who gladly seize an opportunity to do harm to the innocent and unsuspecting. Nothing about the innocent man deserves this misfortune, but it chances upon him nonetheless. The evil person appears to gain at the expense of the good and innocent. Such gains do not carry with them the blessings of Heaven, though this is no comfort to the innocent. The innocent man must realize that evil people appear and gladly take advantage of what they perceive to be prey. He must take steps to safeguard himself and be sure that he avoids leaving himself open to the machinations of evildoers. He should protect himself, without abandoning his innocent approach to action.

4. [9] A man heeds his inner voice, rather than the voices of those around him. Only that inner voice truly understands the man, and can determine what is best for him. He seeks advice and information, of course, and never obstinately shuts himself off from the wise counsel of others. But it is he who must make the final decision, and he would be foolish indeed to act on advice or criticism from another that he did not agree with in his heart. Even in the most distressing of times, when all is chaos and confusion, and the right path seems entirely lost, yet that most reliable inner voice never really departs from us. And a man should never despair and abdicate the direction of himself and turn instead to the advice of another, no matter who it is, no matter how difficult and confusing the circumstances.

5. [9] An evil situation may arise, which is not of one's own making. But if one does not become a part of it, if one does not lend it support nor embrace it, one need not take active steps to eliminate it. Without support, it will shrivel and die on its own. The man only needs to see that it receives no sustenance from him. Evil exists always in the world, but no man can take upon himself the work of eradicating it all. He only needs to be certain that he does not support it in any way.

Top. [9] Even the innocent man must choose his times wisely. If the times are not conducive to forward movement, if nothing falls into place, if every tentative step forward comes up against a stone wall, then not even the purest of disinterested actions are called for. The man holds back and waits for a more favorable time, without developing hidden schemes to win by force what the natural course of events refuses to allow. If one goes up against such natural opposition, how could success be achieved?

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43. Breakthrough


The Lines Bottom. 

[9] At the very beginning, when the time is auspicious for the superior man finally to overcome past difficulties, it is essential that he carefully gauge his ability to advance. A set-back at this time could be devastating, and would probably abort his entire mission. Because it is a time of transition, the opposing forces are still alive and strong. Therefore, the superior man only attempts as much as he is certain that he can accomplish. To force himself forward regardless of his ability to sustain the advance would produce unfortunate results.

2. [9] The superior man is prepared for any untoward event as he endeavors to secure advancement. If he is mentally prepared for any eventuality whatsoever, then he is not shaken by anything that crops up. He hopes for a smooth transition, of course; but he also carefully considers the many ways that things could go wrong so that he will not only be ready for them, but he will know what to do if something untoward happens. With such thorough preparation, he can walk in the midst of dangers as if they were not there, and people will accept his leadership without question. Meticulous attention to every possible problem that might arise extinguishes fear and anxiety. Preparation creates ease of mind.

3. [9] In a time of transition, inferior people remain active and must be dealt with. One cannot shun them entirely, because they still have the power to undermine the superior man's advancement and defeat his goals. At the same time, to seem to be accommodating to the inferior elements raises questions in the minds of many of the superior man's followers, who actively oppose the inferior elements, as to whether he is really committed to the goals he says he supports. The superior man regrets these uncertain appearances, but he is sure of two things: he cannot outright reject and turn his back on the inferior elements, otherwise that would undermine his own intentions; and his integrity is absolutely unimpeachable, regardless of appearances, because he has no intention whatsoever to actually support the inferior elements. He is in a position where he cannot fully explain himself, for that would be taken by the inferior elements as a kind of repudiation that is precisely what he does not intend to convey to them. Therefore, the superior man does what he must, ignores the discontent of his followers with himself, weathers the minor distrust and uncertainty, and eventually, all works out for the best.

4. [9] A man wishes desperately to advance his own goals, but push as hard as he might, he finds it is impossible and he cannot. The difficulties are greater than his powers enable him to overcome, and his every effort is met with superior opposition. His problem, however, is his own anxious and insistent desire. If he would just let go and let others carry through, things would work out, and he would find success, even if it would not come in exactly the form he desires it. But he cannot let go, and will not. It has to be his way, or not at all. He insists that his exertions be met with acceptance, and so his failure is unavoidable.

5. [9] Offhand, an inferior man in a high position seems impossible to overcome. He is in a position of authority, and can defeat any measure the superior man comes up with. But the superior man cannot surrender his integrity, even in the face of seemingly impossible odds. He maintains a steady course, sticking always to his inner convictions, regardless of the apparent chance of success. And he must do this. This is the only course open to him if he is to remain a superior man.

Top. [6] At the very end of a transition, when almost all of the inferior element is eliminated and only the most insignificant remnants remain, it might seem that the little that remains is hardly worthy of attention. Since the bulk of the work has been done, a man might assume that the tiny little bit of evil left will soon cease to exist due to the overall momentum that has been achieved. But this is a mistake. Deliberate, conscious effort must be exerted, otherwise these insignificant remnants will stay in place and begin to take root again, just like a cancer that was not entirely cut out. Therefore, the man cannot rely on momentum to complete the job. He must keep working at it until the inferior elements are completely eradicated and not a hint of the past condition remains. Otherwise what looked like a successful conclusion will deteriorate and end in misfortune.

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Sunday, August 21, 2022

18. Work on the Decayed

The Lines

Bottom. [6] The root causes of stagnation and decay extend back into the distant past. The habits that produce decline become well-established over time. But it is the nature of decay that it is unacceptable. Everyone recognizes it, even if only unconsciously they know that something is wrong. Therefore, the decay is not so well-entrenched that it cannot ever be corrected. But it must not be ignored. Only when one retains clearly in mind the idea of how things should be can the correction be made.

2. [9] Decline that arises out of inadequacy should not be condemned too severely. After all, a person should not be treated with contempt for something over which they have little control, something they could hardly help doing. The idea is not to execute judgment and make people feel guilty, but to improve the situation. And that is best done through kindness, encouragement, and every form of assistance that will enable those who have allowed things to decline to make them better. They must be shown the way, and helped to acquire the means to follow it.

3. [9] It often happens that, in pursuing the correction of long-standing mediocrity, a man pushes too hard. This naturally causes some unhappiness and even resistance. No one is perfect, not even the corrector of imperfections. But no great harm is done. It is better sometimes to push too hard than not hard enough. All will be forgiven when the situation is finally made better.

4. [6] Permitting mediocrity that is long-standing to continue cannot bode well. These things are difficult to correct, and it is always easier to let things slide and to continue with the same inadequate ways that have been used in the past. Everyone is used to the careless ways they have always worked with, and changes will require a major overhaul. If circumstances are such that increased responsibilities are bringing greater demands, while intrenched inadequacies are beginning to reveal how really bad things are, and then a person still is too weak or indifferent to change them, things will only go from bad to worse. This is a prescription for disaster.

5. [6] If a person lacks the ability to correct long-standing corruption, he should not just ignore the problem. Anything he does will be better than leaving everything as it is. He should solicit as many suggestions and as much help as he can find. Even if he cannot completely correct the situation, any improvement that he can bring about will be recognized and be to his credit.

Top. [9] Not every man need be a crusader or a reformer. Even a superior man, who is fully capable of correcting the decline he sees all about him and leading the way to reform, need not become involved if he chooses not to. But this does not mean that he should feel free to take the easy way out, sit back and criticize, and leave it to others to do the hard work of reform. As a man of superior dedication, it is not his option to do nothing. Rather, he should work on the refinement of his own character and aspire truly to be a sage, together with whatever dedicated activities such a path may require of him. This might well mean as much or more hard work than the job of the reformer. And this, too, has benefits for mankind.

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Saturday, August 20, 2022

10. Proper Conduct

The Lines Bottom.

[9] A man who is not involved in a complicated relationship with others remains free of any obligations. His simple life-style allows him to follow his own inclinations, but the simplicity of his activities means he does not have much influence. If he is content with that, all is well and good. He will accomplish things on a small scale without any problem and will enjoy the satisfactions that come from minimal involvements in the world. If, on the other hand, he is dissatisfied with such simplicity and has a gnawing desire to improve his situation, his interest will be in advancing himself, not in accomplishing something. Success in such ambitious undertakings means he will become arrogant and materialistic.

2. [9] If a man chooses the quiet life of a man of wisdom and remains apart from the turmoil of the world, content with his basic needs and not desirous of material acclaim and rewards, he can travel through life peacefully, untroubled by the earthly cares that beset those who seek greater involvement. He can observe the ways of the world while being uninvolved himself. His quiet life-style means he does not challenge the forces that throw the lives of other men into disarray.

3. [6] If a man chooses to ignore his own limitations and plunges ahead into worldly involvements regardless of the difficulties and his lack of abilities, he will overextend himself and expose himself to great dangers. Such recklessness is sure to bring on great difficulties and possibly disaster. This kind of commitment is justified only when a person must rise in defense of something that cannot be abandoned or neglected, or for someone to whom he owes total loyalty.

4. [9] The situation may be dangerous, but the man is convinced he has the power to prevail. Nevertheless, he hesitates out of caution and a natural fear of the possible consequences. His lack of confidence, however, is his biggest problem. If he has the capacity to prevail, he will be successful in spite of the danger.

5. [9] A man recognizes that he must stand up and take charge of the situation, regardless of how dangerous it is. But as long as he remains fully aware of the danger and carefully calculates his actions based on that awareness, he can succeed. Full awareness of the situation enables him to judge exactly what he must do at each step of the way in order to insure that everything works out well. Maintaining his attention on the danger will help prevent him from falling into it.

Top. [9] In the end, how can a man know if his efforts will be successful? It is to look at the consequences that followed from the actions he has taken. If the effects that follow from actions taken are favorable, then the results of the entire effort will be good. It is difficult for a man to understand his own motivations in everything he does. Often he acts instinctively, thinking that whatever he is doing is for the best. But if he looks at the effects that his actions have, if he observes the responses that follow from what he does, then he will know whether he is acting correctly and whether in the end things will turn out successfully or not.

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Friday, August 19, 2022

9.Small Taming

The Lines

 Bottom. [9] A man of ability and strength is accustomed to forcing his way ahead. But when that path is effectively blocked, he leaves off being forceful, and remains in readiness to go forward or back as the situation requires. Good fortune will be the result, because he is not testing his fate, and he stands ready to utilize whatever opportunities open to him.

2. [9] The man is surrounded by people like himself who wish to advance, but are being held back. He immediately recognizes that were he to make the same attempt, he would meet the same fate, so he holds back and avoids an embarrassing set-back. Things work out well eventually, because he does not exert himself against the spirit of the times, but waits for a favorable moment.

3. [9] The situation appears deceptively favorable. The man thinks he has sufficient power to move ahead, but he is mistaken. The times favor opposing forces, even when they appear to be weak and inconsequential. The man cannot understand this, because everything appears favorable, so he makes a forward movement anyway. The result is an embarrassing failure.

4. [6] When a person is in a subordinate position, his greatest asset is honesty and truth. If his advice is consistently directed toward what is right and just, even though the situation is threatening and is potentially extremely dangerous, he need have no fear, because he knows that in the end, right will prevail. The powerful man listens to him and recognizes that the rightful path is best, and things work themselves out favorably.

5. [9] If a person has little personal power but is loyal to those with whom he is associated, he can nevertheless exert great influence, provided of course that loyalty does not mean obsequiousness and pandering. Loyalty receives confidence and trust from those to whom one is loyal. This mutual relationship combines the resources of all those associated together and is thus beneficial to all concerned.

Top. [9] Success is within the man's grasp, but it has been achieved by modest means and is such a delicate thing, it could easily be undermined by a bold move. Because it is so uncertain, it would be a great mistake if it were taken for granted and brought into being by a final display of forceful effort. It has been gained by holding back and being receptive rather than by exerting power. If, in these final moments, one were to suddenly switch and push forcefully ahead, all one's efforts would be brought down. The superior man is therefore content with the way things are going, the extent of success achieved, even if it has not gone as far as one could wish. To push it further will only bring it all down.

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Thursday, August 18, 2022

45. Coming Together

The Lines

Bottom. [6] A group of people are searching for someone to lead them, but they are confused because every member has a different idea about what kind of person it should be. Nevertheless, if they will express their needs and wants to prospective candidates, the right man will reach out to them, and they will know immediately that he is the correct leader for them. By choosing someone who responds to their needs -- someone who their hearts tell them is the right person to lead them -- they will make no mistakes and will avoid choosing the wrong person.

2. [6] The forces that draw people together are generally below the level of consciousness, and it is best not to try to analyze the attraction too minutely. People come together because it feels right, and because they gain a sense of positive reinforcement from associating with a certain group of other people. This is reason enough, and a person will make no mistakes follow his intuition in the matter. When people are attracted to one another at this deeper level, there is no need to devise any complicated intellectual explanation. The simplicity and open frankness of minds communicating with one another at an honest, informal level is reason enough to join in.

3. [6] A man may feel inclined to join a certain group, but upon trying, he feels like an outsider and is unable to penetrate to the inner circles. He feels rejected and discouraged. The solution is to seek out one particular individual who is a true insider in the group and part of the leadership. By introducing oneself to him, getting to know him, and explaining one's desire to be a member of the group to him, this person can introduce the man to other members and help him become accepted. This is an entirely proper way to become a part of a close-knit group, and is perfectly proper when a man is unable to find acceptance on his own.

4. [9] When a man seeks to organize a group on behalf of a worthy person, he makes no mistakes. He is doing this, not for himself, but for the support and benefit of someone else. His selfless attitude attracts people to him and to his cause, and that brings great success.

5. [9] A superior man in a position of power and influence naturally attracts many people to himself. There is nothing wrong with this, because this is the way a person of influence functions -- working together with other people who know, recognize and respect him. Inevitably, many will gather about him, not out of respect, but because they realize the man may be of use to them by virtue of his power and position. Their sole interest is what they can get from the relationship. Nevertheless, if the man impresses them with his integrity and dedication to duty, even those people who only want to use him will be moved, and will give him their whole-hearted support.

Top. [6] A man who wishes to join together with another may find that his intentions are misunderstood, and the other rejects him with disdain. There are many ways a man may respond to such treatment. Some men, misunderstood and rejected, might become angry and scornful, returning angry words for such rejection. That is a sure way to make the rejection permanent. But a superior man who was misunderstood and rejected would feel hurt such treatment. If he openly and freely allows himself to act hurt, explains the misunderstanding, and withdraws, he will find that the other man, if he himself is a decent man, will likely recognize the misunderstanding, apologize for the rejection, and make amends by taking the man into his fellowship

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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

11. Peace

The Lines

1. [9] When a capable person sets out to accomplish things in propitious times, good helpers are attracted to the possibilities and join in gladly in the work that needs to be done. Good people want to be a part of a flourishing enterprise, and are gladly connected to the leader with similar objectives.

2. [9] Every person is able to contribute something to an enterprise, if they have a willing attitude. A leader, therefore, bears with those of lesser ability and tries to draw from them whatever they are capable of contributing. There is much work to be done, and some of it is quite difficult. Hence, everyone's contribution is needed and of value, and the attention of all should be directed towards the goals of the enterprise, not merely personal advancement.

3. [9] Good fortune never moves forward forever. There are always setbacks and periods of decline. Therefore, in times of good fortune, the wise leader is always aware that it will sooner or later run its course. And through whatever turns of Fate that come his way, he remains steadfast and focused on his worthy objectives.

4. [6] In times of success, the good leader is still approachable. He is not carried away by his good fortune and does not focus on his own advancement. He is generous to the lowly, because he knows that every man, regardless of his station, has a role to play and a contribution to make in this world.

5. [6] A person of great ability is capable of working under the direction of someone of lesser status without asserting their superiority. Such a submissive relationship is conducive to harmony and permits the accomplishment of necessary tasks.

Top [6] Change brings about the end of good fortune and prosperity. Decline is inevitable, and violent resistance would only make matters worse. All a person can do is keep to his worthy goals and be supportive of those around him that are in agreement with his intentions.

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Credit | 11.Peace - YouTube


Tuesday, August 16, 2022

27. Mouth Corners

The Lines

Bottom. [9] A man who is in a situation to live simply and whose nature permits him to enjoy the freedom that comes from not being attached to material things and the worldly life, nevertheless abandons such a tranquil existence and turns with desire and envy to look upon those who are better off than he is in their material circumstances. Whereas those persons previously had some measure of respect for his simplicity and his choice of moderation, his lowering himself from his former state of tranquility only produces their disgust and derogation. What was previously respectable has been turned into the weak grasping after something undeserved. This turn toward inferior sentiments can produce nothing but failure.

2. [6] By nature, every man is an independent entity, attending to his personal needs, making decisions that affect himself personally, and making plans for his own continued existence. Under certain circumstances, when he is unable to look after those things for himself, his family or the community or those with a duty to take care of people who cannot care for themselves, step in and assist the man. If, on the other hand, the man is capable of taking care of himself, but refuses to do so out of indolence and instead relies on the kindness of others to perform that function, he puts himself in an awkward, dependent position and he dishonors his standing as a responsible human being. He loses his self-respect and also the respect of others. If he persists in this, he will enter upon a path of decline, leading to unhappiness and misfortune.

3. [6] The man who wastes himself on trivialities will find himself overcome with dissatisfaction, because he fails to fill his life with the things that nourish the spirit. He turns away from doing things that enrich the lives of others, or from working on things that enrich his own life, and instead devotes himself to amusements and diversions that have no substance. While such things pass the time and may bring momentary pleasure, they provide nothing that enables the man to connect to his fellow man in a significant way. He contributes nothing that is beneficial to others, and he does nothing that would make himself a more capable person. Instead he goes from one form of pleasure to another, foolishly thinking that his inner needs will be satisfied by such emptiness. Every man should enjoy a short respite from his labors now and then, and indulge in some form of relaxation that is pleasurable and entertaining. But to make diversion the whole focus of one's life will only lead the man downhill.

4. [6] A man in a responsible position has aims and goals that occupy his thoughts and energies. He enjoys what he is doing, and there are big things he wishes to accomplish. But the enterprise that so engages his attention is more than he can do alone, and he is always looking out for helpers who can contribute their knowledge, talents, or experiences to the effort. He is like a hungry animal, scouring the neighborhood, always on the lookout for someone who might know something or who can add something that would make the enterprise more successful. And when he finds someone, he goes straight for them, being his most convincing self in an effort to enlist their aid. There is nothing wrong with this. He is not doing it for himself or his own glory, but for the work that he is promoting -- a work that will be of benefit to the whole community. He is a good, hard-working man.

5. [6] A man has the concept of a great work that he realizes should be done -- a work that would contribute mightily to the nourishment of mankind -- but he is not capable of pulling it off himself. He lacks the strength or the knowledge of the ability to do it. He only envisions the goal, but recognizes that it is a worthy one. Although he would like to be the leader of the enterprise, and launch out on his own, he is compelled to consult with and seek the assistance of another who has the required strengths, even though this may not be fully recognized. If he works with and through this more capable man, the enterprise can be successful. But he must remain aware that he is not the one who has the necessary talent. A great work will not be accomplished, however, if instead he is led by arrogance or a desire for recognition and thrusts himself forward as the main force that is doing the job. To do that would cause the whole project to collapse and the great work to fail of accomplishment.

Top. [9] A truly great man has influence upon all those around him, to their great benefit. As a great man, he is not consumed with self-centered things such as pride or ambition, but is fully aware of the enormous responsibility that he labors under, for he sees how his leadership is an important part of the lives of these others.

Credit | 27. Mouth-Corners - YouTube

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