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Loss and Reduction for todays.

Hexagram 41

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By: James Byrd

I. The Oracle 

A. Hexagram forty- one is Sun or Diminishing. Another interpretation is Decrease. The lower trigram is Dui: open, swamp or forest. The upper trigram is Gen: bound or mountain.      


B. The Judgment

   1. Decrease combined with sincerity 
       Brings about supreme good fortune
       Without blame. One may be persevering in this. 
   2. It furthers one to undertake something. How is this to be carried out?
       One may use two small bowls for the sacrifice.

C. The Image

  1. At the foot of the mountain, the lake:
      a) The image of Decrease.
      b) Thus, the superior man controls his anger

           And restrains his instincts.

II. My interpretation 

A. "Diminishing"

There is as noted by this hexagram loss, given the situation as it is. According to the conditions of the time, it is fitting that the strong should be diminished, and that of the weak be strengthened. With this we are seeking equilibrium which will create harmony and freedom from errors, and above all, the superior man should without whim, curb his desires and restrain his wrath.

One man walking alone is good, because if one meets two others along the way there will be communications problems when it comes time to make crucial decisions on the furtherance of the way. One walking alone will not so much create doubt about his correctness and which way to proceed.

Again, three men come, one goes and find friends of his own liking, people who have no reservations about his motives, albeit, if three friends did arrive, where he went, there will be cause for doubt due to the complexity of their friendships. Not unlike the Three Wise Men.

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Monday, November 28, 2022

28. Great Potential

The Lines

1. [6] The very beginning of an enterprise in a time of Great Potential is when great caution must be exercised, because the beginning determines the foundation upon which further progress will be built. If the beginning is faulty, further efforts will be difficult or impossible.

2. [9] During extraordinary times, extraordinary events occur and unusual steps are in order. Making an alliance with those of humble position may be unusual, but it has the potential for unconventional gain.

3. [9] The arrogant and unheeding meet only failure in a time of Great Potential. Such a man cuts himself off from others who could assist him. Because he must rely solely on his own resources, he is unable to cope with the opportunities presented and meets with disaster.

4. [9] By enlisting the aid of those from a humble station in life, broad support for the opportunities that Great Potential brings is possible. But if a man diverts this confidence placed in himself to his personal ends, he is discredited and meets with failure.

5. [9] If the potential appears great but is in reality only superficial, the energy expended may appear to produce results, but they quickly dissipate. While nothing is lost, little is gained.

6. [6] The difficulties encountered in a time of Great Potential may be overwhelming, and success may be beyond reach. But it is never wrong to expend great effort in a worthy cause. Even if success is not one's lot, to make such a heroic effort in a great cause can never be justification for censure.

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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Small Influences


9: Small Influences

A gentle wind gathers clouds, but still, there is no rain. Softer influences predominate as the power of smaller forces accumulates, making this a time for smooth and friendly persuasion.

The ebb and flow of events are like waves in the sea, and there are periods of low tide. At present, more sweeping actions are impossible or inappropriate, but small matters ultimately lead to bigger and better things when attended to with success. When the tide is rolling in, by all means ride the waves; when they are receding like they are now, however, focus on the little things.

When you cannot do much to affect large matters, persuasion and subtle influence prepare the way for stronger moves in the future. Use your intuition to chart your long-term course, but avoid bold actions—they are unlikely to work. This is a better time to refine existing abilities or develop new talents.

Gentleness is the key word here. Regarding whatever is on your mind right now, gentleness—combined with determination—is likely to generate more progress than brute force ever could.



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Friday, November 25, 2022

Great Abundance


14: Affluence

Supreme success! Like the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, a person whose fortunes have turned for the better shines brightly now. At the core of true success lies unselfishness generosity and modesty. It is the tendency of a flexible or yielding nature to draw powerful forces to it, especially when prosperity begins to manifest. When this added power is wielded with grace and dignity, we have supreme success and great abundance!

Ah, but be careful. Along with any accumulation of wealth or influence can come an increase of pride and arrogance. Fight this tendency if you want your good fortune to continue. Stay attentive enough to manage your affairs well. And remember that while prosperity beats the alternative, it is only one element of a satisfying life. A lasting prosperity is one that honors the highest values and furthers the collective good.

From<Hexagram 14 - Affluence: Meaning and Interpretation |>



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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Moving Upwards

46: Pushing Upward

Natural advancement is represented by growth in springtime, when new plant life pushes upward through the earth. The emphasis is on upward motion, a movement from obscurity to influence, with growth that is supported by adaptability and an absence of obstacles. Constant, flexible growth is the key attribute of a plant pushing upward. This reading suggests a period of promotion and prosperity for you.

The wise person, in harmony with fate, is sensitive but determined. Make a sincere effort to apply a determined effort against the forces of inertia by bending around obstacles that arise, and good fortune will follow. By remaining tolerant and flexible, you will retain the conscious innocence that best fuels growth and advancement. Willpower and self-control are necessary to manage growth properly, but an inner enthusiasm for life is what drives it.

From:<Hexagram 46 - Pushing Upward: Meaning and Interpretation |>


Wednesday, November 16, 2022

18. Work on the Decayed

The Lines

Bottom. [6] The root causes of stagnation and decay extend back into the distant past. The habits that produce decline become well-established over time. But it is the nature of decay that it is unacceptable. Everyone recognizes it, even if only unconsciously they know that something is wrong. Therefore, the decay is not so well-entrenched that it cannot ever be corrected. But it must not be ignored. Only when one retains clearly in mind the idea of how things should be can the correction be made.

2. [9] Decline that arises out of inadequacy should not be condemned too severely. After all, a person should not be treated with contempt for something over which they have little control, something they could hardly help doing. The idea is not to execute judgment and make people feel guilty, but to improve the situation. And that is best done through kindness, encouragement, and every form of assistance that will enable those who have allowed things to decline to make them better. They must be shown the way, and helped to acquire the means to follow it.

3. [9] It often happens that, in pursuing the correction of long-standing mediocrity, a man pushes too hard. This naturally causes some unhappiness and even resistance. No one is perfect, not even the corrector of imperfections. But no great harm is done. It is better sometimes to push too hard than not hard enough. All will be forgiven when the situation is finally made better.

4. [6] Permitting mediocrity that is long-standing to continue cannot bode well. These things are difficult to correct, and it is always easier to let things slide and to continue with the same inadequate ways that have been used in the past. Everyone is used to the careless ways they have always worked with, and changes will require a major overhaul. If circumstances are such that increased responsibilities are bringing greater demands, while intrenched inadequacies are beginning to reveal how really bad things are, and then a person still is too weak or indifferent to change them, things will only go from bad to worse. This is a prescription for disaster.

5. [6] If a person lacks the ability to correct long-standing corruption, he should not just ignore the problem. Anything he does will be better than leaving everything as it is. He should solicit as many suggestions and as much help as he can find. Even if he cannot completely correct the situation, any improvement that he can bring about will be recognized and be to his credit.

Top. [9] Not every man need be a crusader or a reformer. Even a superior man, who is fully capable of correcting the decline he sees all about him and leading the way to reform, need not become involved if he chooses not to. But this does not mean that he should feel free to take the easy way out, sit back and criticize, and leave it to others to do the hard work of reform. As a man of superior dedication, it is not his option to do nothing. Rather, he should work on the refinement of his own character and aspire truly to be a sage, together with whatever dedicated activities such a path may require of him. This might well mean as much or more hard work than the job of the reformer. And this, too, has benefits for mankind.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

40. Deliverance

The Lines

Bottom. [6] The struggle with obstructions and difficulties is over. Normalcy returns, and new opportunities present themselves. The man now has time to relax and recover his equilibrium. He can make plans for progress and good fortune.

2. [9] Inferior men are still around, but their time is past. They can easily be removed from the scene, and then the struggle is completely over. It is not necessary to take vigorous action, which might instead spoil the time of recovery. Taking the high ground and adhering totally to what is right will provide the personal strength necessary to complete the final phases of deliverance.

3. [6] When a man of modest means escapes from difficulties into an easier lifestyle, he may feel tempted to make a display of his newly acquired freedom. He may even want to boast of his good fortune to perfect strangers, and brag about the advantages he now enjoys. But this would be a big mistake, because it attracts those who are naturally envious of anyone who thinks they are well off -- those who would wish him ill and would like to deprive him of whatever they can, if only out of meanness. If he continues with such a pretentious attitude, he is sure to meet with misfortune. A man more accustomed to an easier lifestyle is more circumspect. He enjoys himself quietly without expecting strangers to appreciate his favorable situation, and he attracts little attention or envy.

4. [9] When a man's progress is halted in the face of difficulties and obstructions, he may find that inferior men associate with him because they are in similar circumstances, even if permanently. It is easy for the man to think that these are reliable companions just because they are similarly situated and their fate seems to be the same. But when the time of deliverance comes, and the man is able to move ahead out of these unhappy circumstances, it is important that he abandon these characters he had begun to identify with. They are not suitable companions for the higher, more accomplished circles he is destined to move in. If he tries to bring them with him, other people who would be of real assistance to him, and who could help him accomplish his goals, will become wary and inclined to stay away. Superior people do not want to associate themselves with someone who surrounds himself with disreputable characters.

5. [6] When a superior man who has been through a period when his progress has been stymied finally is able to free himself and experience deliverance from his former circumstances, he will find that the inferior people who have attached themselves to him during his period of decline are not so easy to get rid of. He feels some obligation towards them and tries to be accommodating to them, but they interpret that as a desire to continue the association, and they seem to take advantage of his lack of resolve. It is necessary, therefore, that he become clear in his own mind that he definitely no longer wants to continue associating with the lesser characters. Once he acquires that inner certainty, it will be obvious in his general attitude. The lesser people will soon get the point, and will leave him alone.

Top. [6] The possibility exists for the man to move out of a difficult situation that has been holding him back, but an evil person in a powerful position is preventing the man from moving on. This is all that is holding him back, but being evil, this person will not relent and must be dealt with. It is necessary, therefore, for the man to take whatever steps are necessary to overcome this evil obstruction. Once this obstacle is out of the way, everything proceeds smoothly.

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36. Diminished Influence

Credit | 36.Diminished Influence - YouTube

The Lines

Bottom. [9] A man may attempt to overcome the adverse times in spite of the fact that his influence has diminished, but he cannot. The forces opposed to him are stronger than he is. He is forced to back down and avoid the conflict. There is no one who will receive him and give him encouragement. Since he holds to his principles and stays focused on his goals in a time when all are opposed to him, he is forced to remain isolated, to rely solely on his own resources, and to endure being an outcast.

2. [6] The superior man is in a subordinate position, and he is held back by those above him. Nevertheless, he is able to do some good to the few that are still his supporters, in spite of the difficulties. He helps as many as he can and is unconcerned about his own problems. Such selfless generosity brings good fortune, and he finds success in spite of the difficult times.

3. [9] The superior man persists in his struggle to accomplish something, and, apparently by chance, he gains the advantage over the inferior leader. The darker forces, long entrenched, are finally overcome. But the superior man must move carefully and make changes slowly. Old ways, well established, are difficult to replace, and at first, the new is very fragile. Drastic changes would likely end in chaos and disaster if introduced all at once.

4. [6] The superior man gains insight into the very heart of the inferior man's operation. He sees the inner dynamics, the way things have been managed, the way business has been conducted, and realizes that there is no chance of correcting the situation. This is truly a bad situation, and there is no possibility that it can survive. The best that he can do is protect himself and his associates by withdrawing completely from the whole operation before the full extent of the disaster becomes generally known.

5. [6] The superior man recognizes fully how bad the situation is, but he is not free to abandon it. He is compelled to stay on, even though he does not believe in it, even though he knows that no good will come of it all. All that he can do is maintain his own integrity and allow himself to be present, but not a participant. If he remains true to himself and acts with great caution, he will prevent himself from being caught up in the developing danger.

Top. [6] The inferior elements seems invincible. It is so powerful, superior men seem helpless before it. It has succeeded in winning against decency and seemingly has completely vanquished the superior man. But it is at just such a time that reversals occur. Evil has exhausted itself, and its reign is at an end. When evil finally achieves what it set out to achieve, it no longer has anywhere to go. There is no more momentum, nothing more to keep it going, and it collapses on its own emptiness.

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mycal8 11 13 22

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Credit | Foretell the Future with the I Ching and My Calendar of Days: Byrd, James C: 9781720149224: Books

60. Limitation

The Lines

Bottom. [9] Sometimes a man comes up against what seems at the time to be insurmountable limitations. When this happens, it is important that the man recognize the situation and not try to go beyond what is possible. By staying within the limits set on his forward movement, he is able to consolidate his resources, sharpen his skills, and adequately plan his next move. Then, when the time is ripe, he will be in a position to take whatever further steps are indicated at that time. Careful planning is necessary for the accomplishment of great enterprises.

2. [9] When a man prepares for action, there comes a time when preparation is complete, obstacles are out of the way, and action is most appropriate. Before that time, he is not really ready. After that time, he has missed the opportunity. If worrying and fretting cause him to delay when the time is ripe, the result will be failure.

3. [6] The man who seeks only the pleasures of frivolous entertainment has no sense of limitations. He is looking for as much of those things as he can find to fill as many hours in the day as he has. Such a path is hardly the way to a fulfilling life, and invariably leads to a sense of emptiness and futility. And just as invariably, he will seek to blame others or circumstances for his fruitlessness. Only when he comes to realize that the vacuity of his life is his own doing, that the path he pursues cannot possibly provide a sense of fulfillment, will he be able to focus himself and his life upon a more productive path.

4. [6] If a man's life is limited by artificial values that do not naturally suit him, he will get nowhere because all his energies are directed at maintaining the form while ignoring the substance. Limitations that lead to success exist for a purpose: they contribute directly to the achievement of the man's goals and purposes, and in fact are necessary to accomplish the goals successfully. Other kinds of limitations that only help make life more complicated and add nothing of themselves detract from the goal and siphon off energy needed to achieve it.

5. [9] A man who seeks to establish limitations on others cannot exempt himself. In fact, he will be much more successful if he presents himself as a model for limited behavior. "Do as I say, not as I do" has little influence on others and instead earns their contempt, not their respect. But if the man adopts the limitations himself and can show how successfully they work, his words and example will exert tremendous influence. With such an approach, success will come to all who adopt the limitations.

Top. [6] All normal men aspire to some degree of personal liberty. For a youth, a reasonable level of liberty is seen as an entitlement as he approaches adulthood. If limitations are imposed that go too far in suppressing what is seen as a reasonable degree of personal liberty, the normal, healthy person will surely rebel. If he who imposes the limitations thinks that he, as an authority figure, has the right to impose any limitations he chooses, no matter how severe, then his actions can only lead to disaster, because they violate human nature and force a reaction in their object. There is one exception to this rule, however. There are occasions when the strictest limitations are needed in order to heal the body or the mind. If a person has lost control over his own behavior, if he is unable to do what he must or unable to resist what he must not, then it is necessary for him to submit himself to whatever limitations are required in order to rescue him from misfortune. These may indeed by unpleasant and even unbearable; but the difficulties that have engulfed him demand no less

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10 Cool Ways You Can Use OneNote


Microsoft OneNote Tips: 10 Cool Ways You Can Use OneNote

By Dawn Bjork 

Using the layout of a digital notebook, Microsoft OneNote is a place to create, gather, store, and search notes. It's a great program to organize pieces of information that might not easily fit into the structure of one of the other Office programs. And, when you store notebooks on your network or in the cloud, you can access your data from multiple devices and even share with others.

What Can Go Into OneNote?

With OneNote, you can organize notes by sections and pages in notebooks. These notes can include:




Web Pages & Other Hyperlinks

Images, Drawings & Media


Data from Other Office Programs

OneNote Tips: Content You Can Easily Insert

OneNote is a very flexible application that can contain a wide range of content. You are not limited by page size or a linear structure. The Insert Ribbon tab gives you some ideas of the type of items you can easily insert into OneNote. Let's explore these OneNote tips and more.

Record Audio or Video: No need to use your smart phone to record meeting notes or event video. Simply capture a video or audio recording directly inside of OneNote. It's also easy to trim the recording and playback the audio or video.

File Printout: Do you want to capture a printout without scanning a file or creating a PDF? From any Office program, simply choose Send to OneNote as a printer choice. From this option, you can specify the name of the notebook, section, and page where you want to capture the printout. You can also insert a printout directly from OneNote.

File Attachment: When a printout isn't needed, add a file attachment instead. The file can be opened directly from OneNote although the attachment doesn't link back to the source file that may have been updated.

Hyperlinks: Your OneNote notebooks can also store links to web pages, email addresses or files on your network.

Tables and Spreadsheets: When your notes call for a more structured look or even calculations, add a table or spreadsheet to a notebook page. OneNote even supports equations and symbols for more detailed entries.

Date and Time Stamps: As you create notes, adding a date and/or time stamp helps document your comments and additions especially when sharing notebooks with others.

Tags, Tasks, and To Do Items: Organize your notes as action items by assigning tags to individual notes or items. A Tag flags an item with a label such as To Do item, Important, or Question. You'll find these options in the Home Ribbon tab or use keyboard shortcuts, such as [Ctrl]+1 for To Do to mark a note. Tags can be searched throughout notebooks so they can be easily located. To track, check a To Do Tag when completed or send to Outlook to create an Outlook task.

Customized Pages: Although a rigid page structure isn't needed in OneNote, you might find it easier to work with some pages by modifying the look of the page. From the View Ribbon tab, change the page color, choose from a variety of ruled lines, or modify the size and layout of your page view.

Drawings: With a touchscreen device or laptop and a stylus, you can also create shapes and freehand drawings with a wide range of colors and widths. You'll discover these choices under the Draw Ribbon tab. If you don't have a touchscreen or stylus, OneNote also supports drawing with a mouse. At least if you're a better artist than I am!

Ink to Text or Ink to Math: Similar to the drawing tools, you can create freehand text in your notes. If your handwriting is readable, pick the Ink to Text feature to convert your writing to text.

Explore these OneNote tips to expand the variety of ways you can create, capture, and edit important content in your OneNote notebooks. 

To extend your learning on Microsoft OneNote techniques and more, find additional shortcuts, tips and tricks at   []

Dawn Bjork is The Software Pro� and a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) as well as a certified Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Master Instructor, certified Microsoft Applications Specialist (MCAS) Instructor, and a certified Microsoft Office expert. Dawn shares smart and easy ways to effectively use software through her work as a technology speaker, software trainer, consultant, and author of 9 books. Discover more software tips, tricks, tactics, and techniques at   []

Article Source: [] Microsoft OneNote Tips: 10 Cool Ways You Can Use OneNote



Where To Delegate Your 2022 Marketing Budget

Where To Delegate Your 2022 Marketing Budget

By Susan Friesen 

4 Essential Business Marketing Budget Tips

I know, I know: we haven't even reached Halloween yet, let alone the holidays. But stay with me. Because if you're a fellow entrepreneur, now is the time to start thinking about your business goals for 2022.

Business goals start with marketing. And marketing starts with a plan. Start planning early, and you set yourself up ahead of your competition, so you're ready to hit the ground running in 2022.

Having the right marketing plan can make or break your business (I know - I've seen it both ways). Here are my top 4 recommendations for delegating your marketing funds in 2022.

4 Business Marketing Budget Tips for 2022

#1: Set Your Budget
First things first: do you have a marketing budget? If not, then set one (pronto!). It's pretty tough to create a successful business if you have no money to spend on that business.

Set a budget that you think will afford you enough money to grow your business. And don't worry. Your marketing budget can be on the small side - it all depends on where you are at with your business, and how quickly and how far you want to escalate.

#2: Improve Yourself
It doesn't matter where you are in your business. There's always something more that you can be learning. So first plan to invest some of your 2022 marketing budget in your own education and expertise. Update your professional growth and expand your knowledge base, so you grow as your business does.

For example, in my own business, we deal in branding and graphic design, online marketing, custom web development, and more, and our industry is constantly changing. So I need to continually learn new skills along with updating the skills I already have. Every year, I take courses, I read books, and I make an effort to learn as much as I can, so I can share that expertise with my clients.

Think about what you can be learning in your industry, regardless of what it is. By improving on your expertise, you are also improving your business and its potential to grow.

Invest some of your budget in yourself, because the more you are an expert in your field, the more you will shine above your competitors.

#3: Attend Live Events
Another thing to consider in 2022 is attending live events that pertain to your business.

These are great not only for learning from the speakers but also for meeting new people who work in your industry.

You'll meet great people, hand out cards, and make new connections, all while learning from experts in your field and doing critical market research.

Of course, the pandemic has changed live events a bit. Lots of events have gone online - which can be a good thing, as you can now access lots more relevant events without having to travel.

But still, try to look for relevant speaking events in your area. As long as it's done safely, meeting people 'in real life' can be incredibly powerful.

So allocate some of your marketing budget and try to attend at least one event in 2022! I always have a great time at networking events and meet lots of interesting people who help me grow.

#4: Business Marketing
Lastly, we have the on-the-ground marketing itself. This is your SEO, your social media, your social media ads, your search engine ads, and your content marketing.

This is an area where so many entrepreneurs get stuck because they think they can learn to do it all themselves. Trust me: that's unrealistic at best.

Trying to become a marketing expert will waste your time without getting any results. It takes years to become a marketing excerpt - all time that is much better spent focusing on what you do as a business.

I know those courses you see popping up in your newsfeeds are tempting. They make it look so easy! But most people don't even finish them!

So if you're considering an online course to learn something quickly, remember that only 10% of people who start an online course actually finish it. And those that do finish rarely come away with something of value.

Instead, use your 2022 marketing budget to hire an expert. Just make sure they actually are an expert! Outsource to a reputable source like an established online marketing company. You might also benefit from working with a consultant. Just be sure to vet them thoroughly.

Then once you've done your research and found a good fit, trust their experience and expertise, and let them guide you. They'll likely need some time to understand your branding and messaging, but then let them shine (remembering that organic marketing takes time).

Here's to your business success in 2022!


Susan Friesen, founder of the award-winning web development and digital marketing firm eVision Media, is a Web Specialist, Business & Marketing Consultant, and Social Media Advisor. She works with entrepreneurs who struggle with having the lack of knowledge, skill and support needed to create their online business presence.

As a result of working with Susan and her team, clients feel confident and relieved knowing their online marketing is in trustworthy and caring hands so they can focus on building their business with peace of mind at having a perfect support system in place to guide them every step of the way.

Visit and download your FREE "Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Website's Profitability - 10 Critical Questions You Must Ask to Get Maximum Results".

Article Source: [] Where To Delegate Your 2022 Marketing Budget



30. The Clinging

The Lines

Bottom. [9] When a man first awakens to the proper ways of living, things are not clear, and there is some degree of confusion. He tries to discern the workings of fate and life, but his conclusions tend to contradict one another. With his day-to-day involvement in the world, everything descends upon him at once. Clarity is demanded of him, but it is difficult to come by. At such a stage, it is important that the man remain calm and not allow himself to be rushed. If he maintains his tranquility and contemplates each situation carefully and in order, the necessary clarity will come in time. It is the beginning where the greatest difficulty lies. Once he becomes accustomed to observing his environment with insight and wisdom, his mind will develop clarity and things will begin to fall into place. It is at the beginning that clear vision approached quietly and calmly is so important, because how can he develop the habits of mind that accompany wisdom if he does not begin carefully and thoroughly?

2. [6] The man is able to approach all things in his environment with moderation, and this bodes well. He calmly and quietly contemplates all his involvements and is able to follow the path of wisdom. Clarity is evident in all that he does. Calmness and moderation attract good fortune.

3. [9] The man contemplates his mortality and realizes that his life might soon be over. If he clings to this life, these realizations have a disturbing effect upon him. Instead of the sense of freedom that allows him to accept life if it comes, or to accept death if it comes, he feels profound regret at the thought of the passing of his life and the end of his existence on this earth. In his desperation, he may try to banish such thoughts by frantically seeking out all the pleasures that life affords, or he may withdraw into himself with self-pity and sadness. Either of those choices undermines the real meaning of growing older. The superior man is not concerned whether death comes sooner or later. He realizes that the important thing is what his life consists of as he lives it, and feels certain that whether the rightful path brings death sooner or later, he is determined upon that path and will accept whatever is the natural consequence thereof. His focus is on the acquisition of wisdom, and he welcomes wherever that search leads him.

4. [9] If a man in his anxiety to experience as much of life as he can, or to accomplish as many great works as he can, burns himself out too quickly, the lasting effect of his effort will be less than if he had approached things more slowly, carefully, and thoroughly. By consuming himself so quickly, he does not give his work time to settle in, to become well established, and to form a broad and solid foundation. On the other hand, a series of great works, developed over a long period of time, become well-established, like a monument. People accept it, become accustomed to it, and over time find it inconceivable that it should not exist or that something should replace it. But any kind of work, erected in a hurry does not have time to become established in the memory of man. As soon as the promoter is gone, the effect of his work is gone with him. Establishing a great work is not just a matter of getting it done, but also a matter of establishing it in such a way that it stays done.

5. [6] Big changes after great accomplishments can have a shattering effect, but the man who retains his clarity of mind and accepts the changes as a renewal of life meets good fortune. Others might feel that it is all over, that there is nothing left but disappointment and decline, especially when there are no present prospects for something more. But the superior man is open to the turn of events. He adapts himself to the new circumstances and looks forward to whatever adventure lies ahead. His attitude of mind attracts interesting possibilities, and his sorrow over the wrenching changes is seen as a transitory matter.

Top. [9] The man who is called upon to remedy situations, to correct errors, to eliminate evildoers, keeps ever in mind his goal, which is not to destroy, but to make better. It may be necessary to completely eliminate those who are culpable and ultimately responsible. Leaders who should know better cannot be let off lightly. But it is enough if those who were merely drawn in to the debacle correct their behavior, change their ways, and reverse the path they were on. The idea is not just to punish in order to satisfy some self-righteous judgment or desire for revenge, but to change behavior and make the situation better, to enable things to work smoother and more efficiently. Similarly, in correcting one's own behavior, the purpose is to follow a more rightful path, and matters of little significance should be overlooked. If punishments are too severe, they defeat the purposes of correction.

Credit | 30. The-Clinging - YouTube

Friday, November 11, 2022

4. Youthful Folly

The Lines

Bottom. [6] A person who lacks discipline will not be able to devote himself to the intensive study necessary to master a subject. Discipline does not mean the forced performance of dull routine, however. That only deadens the mind and replaces true inquiry. Discipline means focusing one's attention on the object of study until it becomes clear, until it is understood and can be used. The young child is accustomed to play and expects everything to be fun. But the serious student finds pleasure in working on something that is difficult until it becomes easy.

2. [9] A kind man is patient with inexperienced youth. He is meticulous with explanations to those who find it difficult to comprehend. He takes it as his responsibility to help and encourage such persons, not to ridicule and humiliate them. With tolerance and inner strength, such a man is able to lead large groups of the young and inexperienced.

3. [6] An inexperienced person, seeking improvement, loses his way if he indulges himself in adulation of a strong man that he views as a hero. It is not by becoming a devotee of some admired person, but by developing one's own inner self that a person is able to find his true self. Hero worship is bad for both the worshipper and the object of his adulation, because it focuses on a personal, emotional relationship rather than on the development of independence. A servile relationship only leads to disillusionment.

4. [6] There is little that can be done for one who is caught up in fantasy and unrealistic expectations. Such a person needs to escape his imaginative world and return to reality. The best thing a teacher can do is to abandon such a one to his folly until he comes back down to earth.

5. [6] To be childlike in attitude is to be open to receive instruction. Openness does not necessarily mean being gullible. It means not being arrogant, not being resistant nor full of oneself and one's own ideas. Such a mind is easy to teach, and is the perfect soil for developing a flourishing intellect.

Top. [9] At times, it is necessary to take firmer measures with youthful folly when it persists. But the punishment should be mild, and its purpose must be to educate, not to destroy. The desired end is that the wrongdoer learns to act more responsibly and to abandon his foolish ways. But excessive punishment will only teach resentment and harden attitudes, not serve to prevent a recurrence. The purpose of punishment for pursuing folly is not to inflict retribution, but to change behavior.

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Thursday, November 10, 2022

39. Obstruction

The Lines

Bottom. [6] When a man first encounters an obstruction, it is foolish to move ahead without regarding it carefully. He should back off, carefully assess the problem, compare his resources, and wait until the time is favorable for moving ahead. Thoughtlessly moving ahead can only make matters worse. This is not a time for brazen action, but for thoughtful planning.

2. [6] There is one situation when it is entirely proper for a man to force his way ahead in spite of obstacles, and that is when he is doing it in service to, or at the command of, someone in a position of authority. In such a case, he does not have the option to do what is best for himself, but is obliged to go forward regardless of the outcome. Since he is not acting on his own behalf, he cannot be accused of acting foolishly.

3. [9] A man in a leadership position must think of others before putting himself in the way of danger. His responsibility to his own people requires him to think about the effect his actions will have on those who are dependent upon him. And if he backs away from danger, he will be showing consideration to those who need him, and their happiness will be his reward.

4. [6] A man thinks he has sufficient resources to move ahead through the obstructions, but he is mistaken. Were he to do so anyway, he would get into a bad situation, realize too late that he has miscalculated, and then not be able to extricate himself. But if he instead withdraws and waits until he is able to unite with others who can give him some assistance, if he accumulates more resources, and if he makes better plans, he will be able to overcome the difficulties and move on to success.

5. [9] In a desperate struggle, when the obstructions cannot be avoided and the man must move ahead regardless, he realizes that he cannot let any amount of danger stop him. The mission is too important. His determination and sense of mission will encourage others who will join with him, and together, under his leadership and with careful planning, the problems will be overcome and success will follow.

Top. [6] When a sage has abandoned the world and all its cares, he is disinclined to become involved with a difficult situation that he is presented with. The easy path for him is to remain apart and perfect his own character -- to let the world go on in its endless encounter with difficulties, and for him to seek higher things. But he cannot. A sense of obligation calls him back, because only he can do what needs to be done. Only he has the skills, the knowledge, the experience, and the wisdom to do the job correctly. If he returns to the struggle, he will be able to produce something lasting and substantial -- something really great -- that will benefit many people. Therefore, it is a wise move for the people to approach this great man and seek his help in overcoming the obstructions

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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

11. Peace

The Lines

1. [9] When a capable person sets out to accomplish things in propitious times, good helpers are attracted to the possibilities and join in gladly in the work that needs to be done. Good people want to be a part of a flourishing enterprise, and are gladly connected to the leader with similar objectives.

2. [9] Every person is able to contribute something to an enterprise, if they have a willing attitude. A leader, therefore, bears with those of lesser ability and tries to draw from them whatever they are capable of contributing. There is much work to be done, and some of it is quite difficult. Hence, everyone's contribution is needed and of value, and the attention of all should be directed towards the goals of the enterprise, not merely personal advancement.

3. [9] Good fortune never moves forward forever. There are always setbacks and periods of decline. Therefore, in times of good fortune, the wise leader is always aware that it will sooner or later run its course. And through whatever turns of Fate that come his way, he remains steadfast and focused on his worthy objectives.

4. [6] In times of success, the good leader is still approachable. He is not carried away by his good fortune and does not focus on his own advancement. He is generous to the lowly, because he knows that every man, regardless of his station, has a role to play and a contribution to make in this world.

5. [6] A person of great ability is capable of working under the direction of someone of lesser status without asserting their superiority. Such a submissive relationship is conducive to harmony and permits the accomplishment of necessary tasks.

Top [6] Change brings about the end of good fortune and prosperity. Decline is inevitable, and violent resistance would only make matters worse. All a person can do is keep to his worthy goals and be supportive of those around him that are in agreement with his intentions.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

10. Proper Conduct

The Lines 

Bottom. [9] A man who is not involved in a complicated relationship with others remains free of any obligations. His simple life-style allows him to follow his own inclinations, but the simplicity of his activities means he does not have much influence. If he is content with that, all is well and good. He will accomplish things on a small scale without any problem and will enjoy the satisfactions that come from minimal involvements in the world. If, on the other hand, he is dissatisfied with such simplicity and has a gnawing desire to improve his situation, his interest will be in advancing himself, not in accomplishing something. Success in such ambitious undertakings means he will become arrogant and materialistic.

2. [9] If a man chooses the quiet life of a man of wisdom and remains apart from the turmoil of the world, content with his basic needs and not desirous of material acclaim and rewards, he can travel through life peacefully, untroubled by the earthly cares that beset those who seek greater involvement. He can observe the ways of the world while being uninvolved himself. His quiet life-style means he does not challenge the forces that throw the lives of other men into disarray.

3. [6] If a man chooses to ignore his own limitations and plunges ahead into worldly involvements regardless of the difficulties and his lack of abilities, he will overextend himself and expose himself to great dangers. Such recklessness is sure to bring on great difficulties and possibly disaster. This kind of commitment is justified only when a person must rise in defense of something that cannot be abandoned or neglected, or for someone to whom he owes total loyalty.

4. [9] The situation may be dangerous, but the man is convinced he has the power to prevail. Nevertheless, he hesitates out of caution and a natural fear of the possible consequences. His lack of confidence, however, is his biggest problem. If he has the capacity to prevail, he will be successful in spite of the danger.

5. [9] A man recognizes that he must stand up and take charge of the situation, regardless of how dangerous it is. But as long as he remains fully aware of the danger and carefully calculates his actions based on that awareness, he can succeed. Full awareness of the situation enables him to judge exactly what he must do at each step of the way in order to insure that everything works out well. Maintaining his attention on the danger will help prevent him from falling into it.

Top. [9] In the end, how can a man know if his efforts will be successful? It is to look at the consequences that followed from the actions he has taken. If the effects that follow from actions taken are favorable, then the results of the entire effort will be good. It is difficult for a man to understand his own motivations in everything he does. Often he acts instinctively, thinking that whatever he is doing is for the best. But if he looks at the effects that his actions have, if he observes the responses that follow from what he does, then he will know whether he is acting correctly and whether in the end things will turn out successfully or not.

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