Monday, March 18, 2019

Global Change

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Global Change

By James Byrd
Some practices of the past are just not equipped to explain the norms of today. Yes, that’s true and to diverge more into the subject of the impact of the internet on globalization, the main or key factors to be looked at are; the growth of global e-commerce, electronic supply chain, and the changing demographics of the global economy. Believe it or not, the world is as close as your cell phone. That is the permutations of new communications and information technologies.
The end of regional isolation due to the downfall of the communist cold war machine is another deciding factor as well. We made peace with Japan and now we have specialized skills coming from there that are being exported throughout the world.
Again, the main cause of globalization is the effects of better ways of doing things. It is no longer a secret on how to make a better cell phone, which is the driving force of innovative technologies. Communication/information is the key, and according to some experts, English is the language of business.
Right now, there is a daring need to add the smartphone to our Amendment II, as a weapon of choice as well. It would be the most cost effective to get rid of the military and just call all your friends, and of course, law enforcement in the case of an incident.
Change as we know it nowadays, is the electric grinder that has changed most of the old tenets that were once written in stone. Change is a hard thing to deal with for both humans and animals, and I must say, change is expansive.
There are choices to be made, and as we move forward with the effects of the manifestation of globalization and the recouping of fruits from each specialized producers from each region of the globe. Overall, we are talking about the cost-effectiveness of wooden shoes. Globalization, it’s a continuation of the Marco Polo paradigm, and it is enviable.
Kingon, Alfred H. 2004 The cause of globalization. The Free Library (September, 22), cause of globalization.-a0126851674 (accessed June 23, 2016)

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