Friday, May 27, 2022

61. Inner Truth


The Lines

1. [9] The man who relies on the Power of Truth must prepare himself. Such ability does not come casually neither is it the result of an instantaneous decision. It is a way of life. Only with such a serious attitude, developed over a long time, will he be uninfluenced by external circumstances and manipulative intents.

2. [9] A man's inner thoughts are reflected in his words and deeds, and his every expression has influence upon all around him. Others will respond to him if his inner being is congenial and his spirit resonates with their spirit. If his inner being is consonant with what is true, others will know, and his influence will spread far and wide. This influence depends on the Power of Truth; he cannot fake this influence.

3. [6] If a man's relationship with others rests on intimacy alone, and is not founded on truth, the man will be always off balance. All of his actions will depend on the response of his companions, not on the dictates of his own character. His stability will be controlled by circumstances.

4. [6] A man turns with respect to those who are stronger in the truth than he, but he stands firm against the contrary and divisive influences that have no part in truth. Only when he has an unwavering inner commitment to truth can he do this.

5. [9] A leader leads with the force of his whole character. His principles come from within and influence all around him. These principles are founded in what is true, and serve to unite all his followers. Without this foundation in truth, the unity breaks apart at the very first crisis.

6. [9] If a leader relies on empty pronouncements while his heart is not dedicated to truth, he may deceive many and succeed for a while, but in the end he must fail. Deception can never be the foundation for real advancement

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