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Good Morning H-13


Hexagram 13

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By: James Byrd

I.The Oracle 

A. Hexagram 13 is Tong Ren or Concording People. Additional interpretations include Fellowship with Men and Gathering Men. the lower trigram is Li: radiance or fire. The upper trigram is Qian: force or heaven.        

B. The Judgment

   1. Fellowship with Men in the open.
   2. It furthers one to cross the great water.
       The perseverance of the superior man furthers.

C. The Image

  1. Heaven together with fire:
      The image of Fellowship with Men.
  2. Thus the superior man organizes the clans
      And makes distinctions between things.

II. My interpretation 

A. "Fellowship"

 With this hexagram, we see a man who for all apparent reasons joins in fellowship with others who are somewhat not of his kind. He does so because they are within close proximity to his dwelling. If he was to limit his friendship to that of his closes family ties, there would be cause for regret, being that his social adaptions would be somewhat limited in scope. To take it even further, to do so would be as the tale of “The Allegory of the Cave” by Plato, signifies. It is the story of a group of people in a cave, and not knowing what the real world is really all about, like unto an Amazon tribe out in the wildness but on a different scale.

It is the job of the superior man to know what is what and to point this out preferably to the people nearby first. To know more one must extend his or her range of knowledge of prominent current issues, not just homegrown knowledge, not to the tune of, we only use chopsticks.

In this passage, we see a call for universal brotherhood ill regardless of inconsistencies. To serve is to serve. Always extend service to the betterment of all into the one.

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