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49.mycal8 -- Inundation

I. The Oracle 

A. Hexagram Forty-nine named Ge, or Skinning. Additional interpretations include Revolution, Molting and The Bridle. The lower trigram is Li: radiance or fire, and the upper trigram is Dui: open, swamp or forest.      

B. The Judgment

   1. Revolution. On your own day
       You are believed.
   2. Furthering through perseverance. Remorse disappears.

C. The Image

  1. Fire in the lake: the image of Revolution.
      a) Thus the superior man
           Sets the calendar in order
      b) And makes the seasons clear.

II. Another interpretation 

A. "The Big Change", are the better words"

Being somewhat modest is the theme of this hexagram. Do not overextend beyond your natural limits, although internally you might feel this is a time for you to take on more, for now, stay within your limits, sir.

As a means of staying in tune with the times, we are told to dwell on the idea of thrift and that of accepting the rewards of our small workings. Taking the low road would be a good idea for now. Again, do not fly too high as to overextend our assets, take things as they come good or bad, be subjective about all matters for the moment.

Do not get overinvolved with anger, impatience, or despair. Although you do hold a precarious position at the moment, which is above and beyond the ordinary, negative tenets such as anger, impatience, and despair, could lead to an avoidable downfall.

Have the mindset of humility and acceptance of your appointed position, be creative and take things as they come. Do not be so much objective with entrenched and rigid mandates. Take it one step at a time. 

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49: Revolution

The elements of this hexagram are fire under water. Fire evaporates water, and water puts out fire. Similarly, change often causes conflict, and conflict brings about change. This hexagram refers to a time in the cycle of human affairs when things are stirring up and the hint of dramatic change is in the air.

In order to succeed, a revolution must be in alignment with the laws of nature and good timing. It must begin at the right moment, gather support from a broad base of people, be guided by sincere and capable leaders, and—most important of all—address a real need. The strength of the forces of change will always be in proportion to the urgency of the need being championed. This is true whether the revolution is in government, business, education, or your own personal affairs.

Revolutionary change ushers in a period when chaos arises from order. Let’s remember that not all order is good and not all chaos bad. Chaos is often an integral part of the way things evolve—as any parent and evolutionary science will confirm. This hexagram reminds us to have the courage to radically change and renew the way we bring ourselves to life. In this way, you can channel chaos to your cause and unleash a new power on behalf of the good. If engaging in a negotiation, change the rules; if composing a piece of music, add the unexpected; if courting a lover, dare to be unconventional.

Combat between forces of dark and light are cyclical; as such, one can become aware of these cycles and master them through preparation. In periods of drought, even wild storms are preferable to just another sunny day. A new season awaits.


This is a matter of belief, whether one came to do this or not. Change is the seasons of the year, and as well as, or should I say, the people’s sentiments about a certain public action. All I can see with this one is that someone was given the task of interpreting the stars, and here I am thinking that Nostradamus had completed that task a long time ago, along with the exacting factors of Fei shui. We are getting there, “The Future: 2020.

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