Friday, April 26, 2019

The Pedometer

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By James Byrd

Can having a pedometer help with the, “get up and get it done syndrome.” It has been shown to help procrastinators, as shown by a study that when monitored, the effects of sedentary lifestyles of individuals who are less than over inspired to begin structured exercise programs. The pedometer is an incentive to get better. The thing with most humans is that they love to measure results. Now new technology with its Apps has it now that you can measure steps on daily, weekly and monthly bases. With this data, you will have a sense of why you are feeling somewhat better than a week or a day ago. Just looking at the chart within the Smart Bracelet App and maintaining that goal you set last week will cause an increase in health benefits and a decrease in health abnormalities.
As one began to get older there is a tendency to lax on the side of being more active during the run of a full day. Now with the Smart Bracelet, which you can also carry in your pocket, and still get good measurements, you can keep a somewhat accurate account of your daily activities via just walking around. With it, you will have more options than that of the regular pedometer. The more steps per day, the better you will sleep at night, which is another defining factor that will add a better quality of life to the aging population’s overall health benefits.
So in short, getting more exercise, with such things as low impact walking, and setting escalating goals, can result in overall improved mobility, better balance, and of course, better sleep patterns. I have noticed that there seems to be a direct correlation between the elements of exercise, and sleep quality. It has also been shown that better sleep patterns result in the magnitude of the overall “Telomere Length” in the aging population. “Get Up.”
Andrews, Pamela. “Pedometer-measured walking and risk factors for disease.” The Free Library 01 January 2006. 11 August 2016.
“The surprising damage insomnia causes to your body – and a simple non-pill solution.” The Free Library 01 March 2016. 11 August 2016.

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