Monday, June 13, 2022

5. Waiting - Planning for the Future

The Lines

Bottom. [9] At the very beginning, there is a sense that something significant is approaching, but it is not yet apparent. Under such circumstances, it is important to continue with normal activities and not to act prematurely. A premature move at this time is a display of anxiety and exposes one's hand. This could weaken one's position when the time comes to act.

2. [9] Danger gradually approaches, and all become aware that it is imminent. This causes unrest and questions to arise, resulting in disagreements and recriminations. If sharp words are not answered in kind, the feelings they display will develop no further. Those who stay calm at this early stage will retain the presence of mind to deal with things properly when they become full-blown.

3. [9] A premature move places one in an unfavorable position, which does not go unrecognized by the enemy, who naturally try to take advantage of it. But eventually they had to know anyway, and a calm, steadfast attitude that is fully cognizant of the whole situation will allow one to stay on course and avoid catastrophe.

4. [6] Now the danger has grown, and it is very serious. The worst is in danger of happening, and there is no way that it can be avoided. The only course of action is to remain steadfast and let whatever happens happen. Only by keeping calm and a well aware of all that is happening can the situation eventually resolve itself favorably.

5. [9] Even in the worst of battles there are lulls in the fighting. It is important to use these moments to regroup and prepare for the remainder of the struggle, being careful to keep the ultimate goal in mind. One must not allow such quiet moments to deceive oneself into thinking that the struggle is over and to let down one's guard. The person who does not think ahead, who has no overall strategy, but moves only from moment to moment, becomes fooled by temporary respites, lets down his guard, and loses ground. But the superior man has a broader vision. He recognizes the necessity for taking time out to relax in the midst of an ongoing effort, but he keeps in mind the ultimate goal and the steps that remain to reach it. This brings good fortune.

Top. [6] It seems that the struggle has come to an end in the worst possible way. All seems to be lost, one cannot escape, and all the effort expended seems to be of no use. Things are now out of his hands, and at just such a time, help apparently arrives. But the help is ambiguous, and one cannot be certain of its meaning. Nevertheless, even at this time, when it seems that only disaster is one's lot, it is important to keep calm and steadfast, and not give up in despair. By staying on top of things, everything goes surprisingly well, and the disaster is averted. An optimistic attitude, even in the face of unquestioned defeat, can result in a favorable outcome, whereas pessimism usually brings it own expected ruination.

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