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Good Morning H-46

Hexagram 46

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By: James Byrd

I. The Oracle 

A. Hexagram forty-six is called Sheng or Ascending. Another interpretation is Pushing Upward. The lower trigram is Xun: ground or wind, and the upper trigram is Kun: field or earth.     

B. The Judgment

   1. Pushing Upward has supreme success.
       One must see the great man. Fear not.
   2. Departure towards the south

       Brings good fortune.

C. The Image

  1. Within the earth, wood grows:
      a) The image of Pushing Upward.
      b) Thus the superior man of devoted character

           Heaps up small things
           In order to achieve something high and great. 

II. My interpretation 

A. "Ascending"

According to what I can understand, things have heaped-up to where there are successful outcomes as planned during the long drown out process of slowly ascending upwards. At the moment there are opportunities abound to the surprise of the one who advances onward and into what seems to reflect that of a desolate wast-land. At times things are not what they seem to be, an opportunity at the very forefront of your daily routines, but only in this instant, there is a chance to train our efforts upwards -- this should be a vertical movement, instead of moving from place to place or job to job. You should at this time move vertically not horizontal with your expressed efforts. With every sunrise, there is growth, my friend.

The situation warns that there is a chance opportunity of moving upward, and that should be done during the current situational sittings. The same notion can be seen when an Apple seed is planted and starts to push upwards from the soil. All nutrients are there in the soil, all the tree has to do accept the opportunity of growth and move naturally upwards. The plan is almost similar to that of the New York State motto: "Ever Upward." Just remember that rest is needed as you amend your business plan, to ensure that your propositional appointments are viable and correct.

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