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Good Morning H-64

Hexagram 64

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By: James Byrd

I.The Oracle 

A. Hexagram 64 is named Wei Ji, or Not Yet Fording. Variations include Before Completion and Not Yet Completed. The lower trigram is Kan: gorge or water, and the upper trigram is Li: radiance or fire.       

B. The Judgment

   1. Before Completion. Success.
       But if the little fox, after nearly completing the crossing,
       Gets his tail in the water,
   2. There is nothing that would further.

C. The Image

  1. Fire over water:
      The image of the condition before the transition.
  2. Thus the superior is careful

      In the differentiation of things,
      So that each finds its place. 

II. My interpretation 

A. "Before Completion"

This would be a time to somewhat pull back – be not overconfident to the extent of overindulging during the celebration of a hoped for, or projected, positive outcome.

For the time being no outward plan or goal is workable. Just ready yourself with inward goals, such as with meditation on positive outcomes, and other such things as Qi Gong – jogging, a not so random walk, but try not to get your head wet during your excursions at the local pub, no drinking Sir. Show restraints, for now, don’t even, go there, save it for the next big party that is now pending.

The same can be said about a rainy day; keep your trips – short if none at all – listen to statistics, something will almost, or an accident will more than likely happen on these types of days. And remember, there is always one near the end of every celebration, a rainy day, that is. 

"This hexagram describes your situation in terms of being on the edge of an important change of situation. It emphasizes that waiting and accumulating energy to begin the upcoming move is the adequate way to handle it. To be in accord with the time, you are told to: not-yet ford the stream of events!"


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