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Good Morning H-58


Hexagram 58

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By: James Byrd

I.The Oracle 

A. Hexagram fifty-eight is Dui, or Open. Further interpretations are The Joyous, Lake and Usurpation. Its lower and upper trigrams are also identical, being Dui: open, swamp or forest.     


B. The Judgment

   1. The Joyous. Success. 
   2. Perseverance is favorable.

C. The Image

  1. Lakes resting one on the other:
      a) The image of The Joyous.
      b) Thus the superior man joins with his friends

           For discussion and practice.

II. My interpretation 

A. "The Joyous"

Joyously having fun is the tune to accord with now. Amongst these celebrations there abides much talking to the excess of misunderstood clamor.  Talking to the tail of an arrow our words must at this time do so as such ---target; "Stright talk."

Don't push the downtrodden too far, because the compound effect of those past malignant demands will be mistakenly credited to your account as well, for no reason. Be straight honesty, then move on with the process of being joyous but, keep the busybody clamor down for the moment.

With this hexagram, we can see gladness to the extent that the crowd follows the lead of the spokesperson to the tune of a buffalo stampede type endeavor. All this is due to the deep interactions between the friends as they might set and examine the deep-held secrets within that particular group norm. This builds a sense of non-competitiveness within that group; the atmosphere is somewhat pleasant.

In sadness, the group will hold the same sentiment as when there are times of pleasure. Such is when the team, wins there is joy within that moment, but when the team loses, there is much talk about reconciliation. Same as when there are times of bereavement all involved or as a collective membership will be affected by that event, and naturally If in any case there is talk in that direction let that talk be short, gentle, sincere and honest –straight to the fact and not beat around the bush. Too much talk leads to trouble, folks.

Pleasure is sometimes due, but know your personal limits, such as marching to the tune of the drummer, let’s not forget the drummer at some point has to rest, or else the group will be out of step.

“If your mind is misty, your life will be misty; if your mind is sunny, your life will be sunny! Your life will be the reflection of your mind, of your thoughts! If there is a candle in your mind, your life will not know what utter darkness is!”  Mehmet Murat ildan

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