Thursday, August 11, 2022

MediaEclat Online Store ~ Dress Shop & Accessories

Below you will find the latest Dress and Accessories just added to our catalog,

 Thanks, James B.

Trendy Hooded Slimming Personality Color Splicing Long Sleeves Men's Thicken Hoodies Size: (L)

Tassel Asymmetric Long Sleeve Top Size: (M)

Casual Geometric Pattern Long Sleeves Hoodie for Women Size: (L)

Multifunction 3-in-1 Bluetooth Alarm Clock

Plus Size cowl Neck Floral Print Peplum Top

Bowknot Chiffon Shift Tank Dress Sizes: (M) and (L) Color: Orange

Plus Size Floral Print Plunging Neckline Lace Up Dress Sz. (M), Color (Cadet Blue)

Plus Size Lace Panel Halter Bodycon Dress Sz. (L)

Batwing Sleeve Asymmetric Handkerchief Plus Size Tunic Top Sz. (S)

Batwing Sleeve Asymmetric Handkerchief Plus Size Tunic Top Sz. (M)

Plus Size Stripe Pattern Round Neck Asymmetric T-shirt Sizes (L), and (1X)

Plus Size Off The Shoulder Floral Print Lace Trim Blouse Sizes: (2X) and (4X)

Plus Size Flower Print Criss-cross Tank Top Sz. (L)

Bowknot Chiffon Shift Tank Dress Sz. (L) Color (Mint Green)

Casual Square Neck Long Sleeves Color Splicing Pleated Dress for Women Sz. (M)

Long Sleeve Chiffon Beach Shift Dress Sz. (L)

Bowknot Chiffon Shift Tank Dress Sz (L)

Bowknot Chiffon Shift Tank Dress Sz. (M) Color (Azure)

Long Sleeve High Neck Mini Tight Dress Size - (S)

Solid Color Long Sleeve Round Collar Backless. Sizes (M), (L), (XL)

Ladylike Round Neck Long Sleeve Floral Print Women's Chiffon Shirt Sz. (One Size Fits All)

Zipper Embellished Long Sleeve Asymmetrical T-shirt Sz. (2XL)

Plus Size Asymmetric Flare Sleeves Tie Coat Sizes, (L) and (1X)



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