Thursday, August 4, 2022

1. The Creative

The Lines

Bottom. [9] The Creative Force is still potential and unrecognized. Nevertheless, the superior man is aware of the potentiality of this force and does not lose sight of the developing possibilities. He is not concerned about the absence of effect, because he knows that all is only at the beginning and not obvious to others. His virtue at this time is patience, and he does not seek to force something into being when the time is not ripe.

2. [9] The effectiveness of the superior man begins to show itself, but things are still in their earliest phases. His position is still modest, though others begin to realize that he is a man that can be counted upon. He is steady and reliable, and his singleness of mind means he is someone from whom important actions may proceed in the future. He is therefore someone to associate with from the very beginning.

3. [9] The superior man's influence begins to grow, and he is able to handle himself well. While others are able to relax, he remains busy with details and involvements. The danger at this stage is that he might get carried away with his own self-importance and lose sight of his mission and purpose. But the truly superior man is not distracted by the pomp and circumstance. He is able to visualize his goals and stick with them, thus avoiding the traps that ambition might lead him into.

4. [9] Now there is a crossroad; the superior man has a choice. He can become an important actor on the world's stage, or he can withdraw from it all and develop his inner self. He can be a man of renown, or he can be a man of great spirit. Neither is right nor wrong. It is his choice, and he is sufficiently developed to make the choice that is correct for himself. He will find, whatever his choice, that it works well for him.

5. [9] Now the superior man reaches the highest levels that any man is capable of. He is able to exert great influence, and is widely recognized as a man of spiritual achievement. While realizing this himself, he is not beset by pride, ambition, or other attachments. Others are glad to make his acquaintance and feel blessed by his presence.

Top. [9] Even in the search for spiritual attainment, pride and ambition can burrow their way in. If a man becomes obsessed with his own self so that he loses his way and his ties to others, he loses his essential humanness and that which connects him to the real world. Thinking more of himself than of his place in the real world, he ultimately fails. All 9's. When all lines are nines, the hexagram changes into The Receptive, and the Creative and the Receptive blend together to form an inner strength of vision derived from the Creative, and an outer mildness of manner derived from the Receptive. Such a happy combination works well in one's relationship with mankind, and happiness and abundance are the result

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