Thursday, May 30, 2019

As The World Evolves

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As The World Evolves

Notes By James Byrd, MBA

Some things to consider when making our way through life is to examine advice given by others, but make your own choices over time, that is, do not let time be an explicated marker within your decision mix of reasoned wisdom, experience, and correct judgment, but not so much knotted to ambiguity. Get your facts straight, and then step forward.

Be careful of the opinions and assumptions of others. Use facts to make your own decisions moving forward. Don’t be uncomfortable going it alone, stay with your decision making processes, and be willing to be the only champion for an idea or position. Be careful of staying in the background within a group, hence, presenting group norms as a statement of your most pious position.

Scared, I would be too if one is out fishing within an ocean of vicious competitive forces. Learn to create a strategic plan that entails moving away from that of mainstream and that of following the low-cost leader effect. The main aim when trying to achieve this effect is to be not scared to venture out into new and innovative technologies endeavors where there are less competition and that of highly volatile competitive forces.

Now with the Blue Ocean Strategy, there is always the idea of disruptive technologies -- which is primarily a must as our planet evolves, secular thinking was good back then, but as the whole of the planet drifts down an old lazy river, competition builds-up to the extent that occupants of one portion of the ever-increasing speeding raft decides to flip the raft then up-right it in order to acquire more economic advantage. That is the nature of competition or should I correctly put it the explicit nature of capitalism. 


Colman, Robert; Buckley, Patrick. 2005 Blue Ocean Strategy. The Free Library (March, 1), Ocean Strategy.-a0131356548 (accessed January 12 2017)

Heather Barnfield , &   Michael M. Lombardo. FYI: For Your Improvement - Competencies Development Guide, 6th Edition  – September, 2014

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