Wednesday, September 21, 2022

38. Opposition

The Lines

1. [9] Opposition cannot be eliminated by force, because that only causes the opposition to become indignant and entrenched. Given time, a person of good intent will gradually come around and accept areas of small agreement. Similarly, persons of evil intent, if endured, will gradually lose interest and go away. However, neither will respond to force, except to become more difficult.

2. [9] When opposition causes persons to divide irreconcilably on an issue of mutual concern, no direct action can help. But a casual meeting, devoid of intent, may lead to the beginning of an agreement if, indeed, both parties have a need for one another.

3. [6] If first attempts at reconciling the opposition result in humiliating rejection, one should not despair. Dedication and loyalty in the face of it all will be rewarded, and the problems will eventually be resolved.

4. [9] When a person is absolutely alone in the stand he has taken, he will not be able to make any progress. But if he meets a kindred spirit who will side with and support him, he should by all means join forces with him. With such a helper on whom to test his ideas, he can make progress and avoid making mistakes.

5. [6] Isolated by opposition, a man builds an impenetrable wall around himself for protection. But anyone who will take the trouble to break through that wall in order to pledge support is surely someone who can be trusted. The man makes no mistakes when he agrees to join forces with such a helper.

6. [9] A man becomes paranoid when he is beset by widespread opposition. He misjudges even the good intentions of potential supporters and is suspicious of all friendly acts. But this is error, and when he realizes it, he can welcome the help and rejoice in the support his stand has attracted.

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