Tuesday, September 20, 2022

59. Dispersion

The Lines

Bottom. [6] As soon as divisiveness arises, it should be faced up to and eradicated. If a man waits until it gains a foothold, it will be much more difficult to eliminate, and may, in fact, bring down disaster. As soon as evidences of discord, distrust and dislike begin to arise, it is important to get to the source of the disagreement, to discuss the differences, to uncover them and eliminate them through mutual understanding, so that all can return to working together in mutually supportive ways.

2. [9] As soon as in individual detects in himself an alienation from his fellow men, when he realizes that he mistrusts some and dislike others, it is essential that he take steps to eliminate these divisive feelings. He should not let himself slip into a growing separation unawares, but should rely on his own inner examination of the causes, based on a sense of justice and fairness, and a wish to be on good terms with everyone. He should not let ill will fester, for this has a deteriorating effect upon his own personality and can only lead to worse and worse relationships with his fellow man. If he is able to resolve his bad feelings and heal the breech in his relationships, he will avoid a situation that can only lead to regret.

3. [6] When a man's sense of duty calls him to responsibilities that are far beyond his personal interests, it becomes necessary for him to forget about himself and his mundane needs. What he seeks to accomplish will be of enormous benefit to mankind and is of far greater importance than his own material existence. So he abandons such personal concerns and is thereby enabled to complete the great and difficult task that lies before him. By focusing entirely on his calling, on the job that lies ahead, and on the accomplishment of this thing above all other things that might concern him, he arrives at the concentrated state of mind that will permit him to achieve this great humanitarian goal.

4. [6] A man engaged in work that is for the benefit of mankind does not allow himself to be concerned with the interests of those closely associated with himself. What he seeks is of far greater importance than the acquisitive wishes of self-centered friends. He cannot find the proper approach nor develop the proper policies if he allows himself to descend to such petty private interests. What he seeks is far greater than the needs of any single individual, and only he who is able to go beyond such small matters is capable of achieving great and lasting things. Not everyone is able to see this, however. Only he whose vision encompasses the great connectedness of all humanity.

5. [9] There are times when ideas have enormous power. When people are torn apart from one another, when what was a great movement is breaking up with disputes and disagreements -- it is at just such a time that a great man can step in and electrify everyone with a solution, a purpose, an ideal that can bring all the fracturing groups together and prevent their scattering abroad. It is at just such a time -- just when it appears that everything is lost and all is dissolving into bickering factions -- that a tremendous insight can serve as a rallying point to bring everyone together and to resolve all their differences. This is the time when a man in a leadership position can eliminate misunderstandings and bring an entire movement back together.

Top. [9] By taking precipitate action, a man can rescue himself and all those associated with him. In this way, danger is avoided and all are saved from harm. He recognizes the danger, and he knows that it will soon do great harm to everyone if he fails to act and they remain where they are. Therefore he does whatever the situation demands in order to avoid the danger and to assure that everyone is out of harm's way. He does not remain to face the danger, nor to stand his ground against it. He escapes with all the people that are important to him, and escape is unquestionably the right move for him to make.

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