Friday, September 23, 2022

55. Abundance

The Lines

Bottom. [9] To join with another who seeks to achieve the same goals through action and clear understanding can only serve to bring about success. With such combined forces, success is assured. No matter how much time they spend working together, they will both find the association stimulating and highly productive.

2. [6] Inferior people are active, and their powerful influence confuses the situation, so that a leader is unable to identify the persons on whom he might depend to accomplish a great work. Under such circumstances, a superior man is envied and disparaged by inferior people, and anything he does is met with distrust and opposition. He is unable to energetically pursue anything that might be productive. All such a man can do is hold to the clarity of his inner vision and stand by what is true. Eventually, the truth of the situation will be comprehended by the leader, and he will realize that the superior man is the only one capable of doing the job.

3. [9] A man's effectiveness can be completely pushed to the side by the prevalence of inferior men, who rise and make their presence known before the leader. The situation is so dominated by inferior people, nothing the man does will turn out successful, despite his best efforts. Although his influence is completely crowded out, he cannot be blamed for this outcome. He is prevented by the circumstances from being effective.

4. [9] The influence of dark forces begins to fade. Persons of clear knowledge and action are able to come together, and a superior man meets a leader who is like-minded with himself. The man's enthusiasm is matched by the leader's wisdom, and the combination means that a favorable outcome is then possible.

5. [6] When a leader is modest and has an open mind to the counsel of wise and able assistants, a large number of good ideas can be made available for consideration by everyone. Many excellent possibilities can be presented and acted upon utilizing the combined intelligence of everyone involved. This results in some great projects that lead to outstanding success, with recognition and prosperity for all.

Top. [6] If a man becomes obsessed with his success, if he is overcome with pride and arrogance because of his own achievements and so dominates everyone that he closes his mind to their counsel, then he loses touch with those he needs most, he loses sight of the whole point of his endeavors, and all his efforts come to naught. Abundance becomes an empty shell because the man got carried away with it all. He ends up alone and with nothing

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