Tuesday, October 25, 2022

3. Initial Difficulties

The Lines

1. [9] An obstacle at the beginning must be carefully assessed. No mere difficulty should deter a man from the goal he has set out to accomplish; but every problem must be dealt with and not ignored. The right kind of helpers are needed, but these can be found by approaching them gently, not demandingly.

2. [6] A helper who arrives just at a time of difficulty is greeted with suspicion. Is he a true helper, or is he seeking to exploit a difficulty? Even if he is honest, not every person who offers help should be welcomed. It is best to wait until the situation clears before accepting help. A man doesn't really know what kind of help is needed until he has a better grasp of the situation himself.

3. [6] Certain endeavors require expert guidance. A man is foolish if he tries to forge ahead on his own without the proper expertise. Better to abort the enterprise than to risk all on incompetence and incomplete understanding. A wise man does not try to fake his way through difficulties.

4. [6] A man senses his incapacity, but honor and duty demand he proceed. What to do? He must seize whatever help he can to assist him and go ahead. Acknowledging a need is not a needed resources, a successful outcome is assured.

5. [9] The man is competent, but others are not convinced. Nothing he says can win them over. If he proceeds with small matters, he can succeed and later do greater things as confidence in him builds. But if he attempts great things in the face of a lack of confidence by others, he is sure to fail, because great endeavors require broad-based support.

6. [6] Overwhelming difficulties at the start make a man give up, and failure is unavoidable. Success never follows from a despairing attitude. No hope can be offered to a man who does not expend his best efforts. At best, he might try again later when he has sufficient resolve to tackle the difficulties

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