Monday, October 3, 2022

6. Conflict

The Lines

Bottom. [6] At the very beginning, it is best not to make a big issue of a minor conflict. Find some way to make a reasonable and amicable accommodation over the thing, before it grows into something big. Rather than push things to a definite decision with an adversary who has the upper hand, make a reasonable give and take adjustment. Then, even if some disagreement arises, it will not go far and can be easily settled.

2. [9] If the opposing forces are definitely stronger, and one is not likely to succeed against them, it is better to back-off and concede, rather than pushing things to an open conflict and being humiliated by defeat. An accommodating attitude is like an offer of goodwill, and all concerned are able to avoid taking sides in an open conflict.

3. [6] Seeking recognition for something that is not entirely one's own work only creates distrust and resentment. If one is really the source, then another is not likely to get far claiming credit. Nevertheless, if one is working on behalf of and in service to another, he should not expect to receive public recognition for what he does. His satisfaction comes from seeing that the work is done and that his superior is pleased to make use of it. Recognition under such circumstances is not appropriate, and only detracts from the final outcome.

4. [9] A person may be inclined to enter into a conflict because he thinks there is some advantage to be had, even when he is not entirely on the side of right. If he has the upper hand, he may succeed, even if unjustly. But such a course will not bring lasting satisfaction, and he should realize this and turn away. Only be remaining on the side of what is right does a man live with himself satisfactorily. And when he does this, things turn out well.

5. [9] One need not hesitate to place his case before a strong and fair judge who can be depended upon to do what is right. If one is indeed right, only good could come from employing such a referee.

Top. [9] If, contrary to all good advice, a person persists in conflict without relenting, it may happen that he is actually seen as victorious. In spite of all, he gets his way and overcomes the opposition. But it is as a pyrrhic victory that brings no lasting satisfaction and no good results. He will never be able to rest secure in his supposed accomplishment, and he will be constantly assaulted in his hard-won position.

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