Sunday, October 9, 2022

45. Coming Together

The Lines

Bottom. [6] A group of people are searching for someone to lead them, but they are confused because every member has a different idea about what kind of person it should be. Nevertheless, if they will express their needs and wants to prospective candidates, the right man will reach out to them, and they will know immediately that he is the correct leader for them. By choosing someone who responds to their needs -- someone who their hearts tell them is the right person to lead them -- they will make no mistakes and will avoid choosing the wrong person.

2. [6] The forces that draw people together are generally below the level of consciousness, and it is best not to try to analyze the attraction too minutely. People come together because it feels right, and because they gain a sense of positive reinforcement from associating with a certain group of other people. This is reason enough, and a person will make no mistakes follow his intuition in the matter. When people are attracted to one another at this deeper level, there is no need to devise any complicated intellectual explanation. The simplicity and open frankness of minds communicating with one another at an honest, informal level is reason enough to join in.

3. [6] A man may feel inclined to join a certain group, but upon trying, he feels like an outsider and is unable to penetrate to the inner circles. He feels rejected and discouraged. The solution is to seek out one particular individual who is a true insider in the group and part of the leadership. By introducing oneself to him, getting to know him, and explaining one's desire to be a member of the group to him, this person can introduce the man to other members and help him become accepted. This is an entirely proper way to become a part of a close-knit group, and is perfectly proper when a man is unable to find acceptance on his own.

4. [9] When a man seeks to organize a group on behalf of a worthy person, he makes no mistakes. He is doing this, not for himself, but for the support and benefit of someone else. His selfless attitude attracts people to him and to his cause, and that brings great success.

5. [9] A superior man in a position of power and influence naturally attracts many people to himself. There is nothing wrong with this, because this is the way a person of influence functions -- working together with other people who know, recognize and respect him. Inevitably, many will gather about him, not out of respect, but because they realize the man may be of use to them by virtue of his power and position. Their sole interest is what they can get from the relationship. Nevertheless, if the man impresses them with his integrity and dedication to duty, even those people who only want to use him will be moved, and will give him their whole-hearted support.

Top. [6] A man who wishes to join together with another may find that his intentions are misunderstood, and the other rejects him with disdain. There are many ways a man may respond to such treatment. Some men, misunderstood and rejected, might become angry and scornful, returning angry words for such rejection. That is a sure way to make the rejection permanent. But a superior man who was misunderstood and rejected would feel hurt such treatment. If he openly and freely allows himself to act hurt, explains the misunderstanding, and withdraws, he will find that the other man, if he himself is a decent man, will likely recognize the misunderstanding, apologize for the rejection, and make amends by taking the man into his fellowship

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