Thursday, October 20, 2022

46. Pushing Upward

The Lines

Bottom. [6] The man's ascent starts from humble beginnings, but he draws his strength from the simplicity of his lifestyle and his ability to work hard learned in those difficult times. This is a man whom Fate intends for higher things. He is able to move amongst men of consequence and associate with them as an equal. He has a vision that marks him as someone destined to be a leader, and his confidence enables him to accomplish great things.

2. [9] A man of strength who lacks pleasant manners but who is a hard worker with a vision of great accomplishments is nevertheless accepted and experiences no problems from his brashness. He is a man of sincerity and good character, and people are willing to overlook his rough edges.

3. [9] The man meets with no competition or obstructions, but he is not certain how long this will last. He obtains his goals with ease, but will he be able to retain the position he has won so readily? The question remains unanswered, but he does not let that stop him. He does what he can, when he can, exploiting all the possibilities available to him in the present time, and does not allow the possibility that it might not last deter him in any way.

4. [6] The man achieves his goals and is able to produce great works for the benefit of his fellow man. He is received into the highest councils and honored for all his accomplishments. What he has done is indeed significant, and he will be remembered for his beneficial deeds long beyond his own lifetime.

5. [6] The man is making remarkable advancements, but he is in danger of it all going to his head. Everything is coming along too easily, and this could cause him to become careless and not attend to every detail. If he falls into this trap, it could prevent him from attaining his goals. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that he proceed carefully and steadily, step-by-step, even when everything is moving ahead as though nothing could stop him. Only if he proceeds as though he might stumble at the next step, will he succeed in reaching his goal.

Top. [6] If a man pushes ahead blindly, he runs the risk that he may stumble and fall. His advancement has been so easy, he fools himself into thinking that he is invincible, that nothing can stop him, and that he need not bother with details. He is tempted to take unnecessary risks and to run ahead of himself until he exhausts his resources. Such impulsive behavior always leads one into mistakes. It is essential, therefore, that he realize that he must always, without once letting up, adhere carefully to his plans, constantly evaluate his gains, and remain faithful to his goals. Only then will he avoid the foolish mistakes that result when a man advances without carefully considering where he is going

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