Wednesday, October 26, 2022

8. Holding Together

The Lines

Bottom. [6] The ties that bind a group together rest upon sincerity and an honest relationship with one another. If a person does not honestly believe in the group and its mission, he not only cannot be a leader of the group; he cannot even be a good member. But when this spirit of genuineness pervades the entire group, it attracts good fortune, and activities meet with success.

2. [6] If requests come in from authorities and the leader responds with perseverance and enthusiasm, he can bring the entire group along in a spirit of mutual engagement. But if the cooperative arrangement is just to use the resources of the group to win favor for the leader from the authorities, the leader disgraces himself and violates the trust his group has placed in him. He not only demeans himself, but he embarrasses the group as well.

3. [6] Not everyone with whom we come in contact with is a member of the group of our principal affiliation. It is important to form friendly associations with such people, but this must not be at the same level of intimacy as with one's own special group. Not everyone is entitled to such an intimate association, and to assume they are can lead to unfortunate results. Kindness and generosity is proper with such people, but not a sharing of confidential matters that belong to one's own intimate group. That would be a violation of trust and would undermine a proper relationship later with the group.

4. [6] In a long-established group, the leader is well-known and the respect and honor with which members hold such a leader may be openly expressed. But such expressions should always be within the bounds of propriety and not be overdone. Respect and loyalty are conducive to good fortune.

5. [9] A leader of a group exercising proper decorum receives others freely, but neither entices them, nor attempts to persuade them. All business is conducted completely above board. They come to him of their own choice, knowingly and without any pressure whatsoever. In this way, all associates feel free to express themselves. They are not being forced or pushed, they feel free to come and free to go, and they do not feel they must defend themselves from manipulative pressure. All relationships are open and without force, and if members join together closely, they do so because they want to. If the leader has all the strengths and qualities necessary to lead, those who wish to associate will do s

Top. [6] If a person is uncertain whether he wishes to be a part of the group or not, a good relationship cannot be formed. And if the association does not begin well, it cannot end well. Early on, a person must decide whether he can be a devoted member of this group or not. Lingering doubts and lingering mistrust are not the materials of a good relationship, and failure is inevitable.

o, and the relationship works out favorably for all.

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