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Be Prepared: Dowse

Dowsing - Empower Yourself With Intuition On-Command
By Michele K Fitzgerald

When people hear the word "dowsing", if they recognize the term at all, they most often think of someone who uses a forked stick or metal rods to find water. However, the applications of dowsing stretch far beyond the use of this skill to find water--and forked sticks are rarely used by 21st century dowsers.

Dowsing is a form of neuromuscular interfacing that can be used to intuitively access information on just about anything. The dowser starts by asking a question, like "Would taking Vitamin B supplements benefit my health at this time?", while at the same time holding a dowsing instrument, such as a pendulum or a pair of copper rods. As soon as the dowser asks the question, the "answer" is delivered via small neuromuscular reflexes in the dowsers body. The dowsing instrument amplifies the dowser's neuromuscular responses so those responses can be detected by the movement of the instrument. The movement provides visual feedback that the dowser uses to interpret the answer based on whatever motion the dowser has programmed as a "Yes" or "No" response.

Today, this ancient craft is called by many different names, so you may have been exposed to dowsing without even realizing it. If you know someone who uses a pendulum--that's dowsing. If your doctor uses muscle testing to determine what food substances you are allergic to--that's dowsing. If you have ever played with a Ouija Board and watched the little plastic device mysteriously spell out answers to your questions--that's dowsing.

Anyone can learn to dowse. Once a reasonable degree of skill has been attained, the dowser possesses the incredible ability to intuitively access a seemingly infinite amount of information on-command.

In this introductory dowsing lesson you will learn how to use a pendulum, a very common and easy to operate dowsing tool, to achieve simple "Yes" and "No" answers to questions that you ask. As a bonus, there is a section at the end of the lesson on how to dowse using just your body, which is often referred to as "applied kinesiology" or "muscle testing".

To prepare for the dowsing process:

1) Be well hydrated and well rested.
2) Minimize distractions and situate yourself in a quiet environment.
3) Relax, calm your breathing, and induce a coherent brainwave state (essential for effective dowsing) by focusing your attention on the area just between your eyebrows on your forehead.

After you are prepared to dowse, take your pendulum and hold the cord or chain between your thumb and index finger. Force the pendulum into a forward swing, 45 degrees to the right, and say out loud, "This is my 'Ready' position" -- meaning you are now ready to seek an answer to a question through the dowsing process. By making this statement you are acknowledging consciously that this is your intention, and at the same time, programming your subconscious mind with this thought.

Next, force the pendulum into a forward swing, straight away from your body, while saying "This is my 'Yes' response." Finally, force the pendulum into a forward swing, 90 degrees to the left and say, "This is my 'No' response."

To see a picture of how to properly hold the pendulum and a simple graph that you can dowse over to more easily monitor your pendulum swings, click here:

You can actually choose any "Ready", "Yes", and "No" responses you want, such as a counterclockwise swing of the tool for "Yes" and the opposite for "No", but the above responses are commonly chosen.

Practice whatever response positions you choose a few times, forcing the pendulum into the appropriate swing angles. Then attempt to achieve the responses without forcing the pendulum. After a few forced demonstrations, your subconscious mind will pick up the pattern and cause your body to produce the neuromuscular signals to create the appropriate response without your conscious attention. To speed up your body's response time, from the point you ask the question to the point the tool actually moves, all you need to do is practice.

Asking Questions

Your subconscious mind is the middleman between your conscious thoughts and the pool of information that you are going to be tapping into to get a response. No one is quite sure where this pool of information is, or how it came to be, but apparently it does exist, because all practiced dowsers can retrieve information from it.

In posing dowsing questions, it is important to realize that the subconscious mind is very literal. Because the subconscious is the aspect of your mind that will be retrieving answers for you, it is crucial that you are very specific in describing the information you are seeking and that you phrase your questions in ways that cannot be misinterpreted.

Example of a Poorly Phrased Question

"Do I need vitamins?"

The answer will always be "Yes". The body needs vitamins and minerals to operate properly.

A Better Question

"Would I benefit from taking vitamin supplements at this time?"

If you get a "Yes" response, you will at least know that the purchase and intake of vitamin supplements will not be a waste of time and money. How much of a benefit you would realize and what form the benefits will take are still unknown, so you would have to ask more questions if you want more specific information. Also, you would have to ask more questions to find out which vitamins (A? B?, E?) and what dosage would be most beneficial.

Another Example of a Poorly Phrased Question

"Is George a good match for me?"

The subconscious mind cannot clearly interpret this question. The word "match" has too many possible meanings. To name a few:

1) An instrument for starting fires
2) A competitive game, as in "tennis match"
3) A complimentary coupling of colors
4) A pairing of a set
5) A person considered with regard to suitability as a partner in marriage

A Better Question

"Considering the following aspects of relationships (list the aspects that are important to you), and using a scale of 1-10 (where 10 is a perfect partner and 1 is totally unsuitable), does George rate an 8 or above in all of these categories?" Or, dowse each category separately to see how George rates in specific areas.

 How to Dowse Lists of Information

Now that you can achieve "Yes" and "No" answers with your pendulum, you can utilize this skill to dowse lists of information. Taking the vitamin example noted above, if you want to know which vitamins would be beneficial to your health and well-being at this time, do the following:

1) Get a list of vitamins, like the label from a bottle of multivitamins.

2) Instruct your "dowsing system" (you, your subconscious mind, your body, and the information pool) as follows:

"Considering my optimal health and well-being, please give me a 'Yes' response when I point to a vitamin that my body needs more of at this time."

3) Point at each vitamin on the list using one hand, and while swinging your pendulum with your other hand, make note of the "Yes" responses you receive.

Finger Dowsing

To achieve "Yes" and "No" responses with your body, instead of a pendulum, a very easy method is to use "finger dowsing", which is a form of applied kinesiology or muscle testing. With this method you establish "strong" and "weak" signals as codes for "Yes" and "No". Strength will equal "Yes", and weakness will equal "No". Start by connecting your thumb and index finger to make a circle, as shown in the photograph on the webpage noted earlier in this article.

Using two fingers from your opposite hand, insert them into the circle and try to break the connection of your thumb and index finger by pulling forward with the finger set. Before doing this, instruct your dowsing system to make your thumb and index finger very strong (hard to break apart) if the answer is "Yes" to your question. If the answer is "No", instruct your dowsing system to make your thumb and index finger weak so the circle breaks easily when minimal pressure is applied from your fingers.

Learning how to achieve "Yes" and "No" answers is an entry level dowsing skill. With further training and practice, you can learn how to use dowsing to intuitively access more sophisticated and detailed information, such as linear measurements, percentages, and probabilities. You can learn how to detect and measure energy fields with dowsing, such as electromagnetic fields and the human aura. You can even learn how to use dowsing to focus, direct, and super-charge the power of your thoughts to create desirable outcomes in life. So, get busy and see what you can do with dowsing.

Michele Fitzgerald is the founder of the Senzar Learning Center and the author of Chasing the Shadow of Free Will - An Introduction to Belief Codes. She has lectured nationally and internationally on a wide range of subtle energy and mind-science topics. She currently works as an intuitive coach and seminar leader, teaching intuitive arts and advanced power-of-thought strategies to students from around the world via teleseminars, webcasts, and periodic events in Sedona. For more information about Michele and the many courses she offers, visit

Article Source: [] Dowsing - Empower Yourself With Intuition On-Command

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