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Friday, April 22, 2022

40. Deliverance Today


The Lines

Bottom. [6] The struggle with obstructions and difficulties is over. Normalcy returns, and new opportunities present themselves. The man now has time to relax and recover his equilibrium. He can make plans for progress and good fortune.
2. [9] Inferior men are still around, but their time is past. They can easily be removed from the scene, and then the struggle is completely over. It is not necessary to take vigorous action, which might instead spoil the time of recovery. Taking the high ground and adhering totally to what is right will provide the personal strength necessary to complete the final phases of deliverance.
3. [6] When a man of modest means escapes from difficulties into an easier lifestyle, he may feel tempted to make a display of his newly acquired freedom. He may even want to boast of his good fortune to perfect strangers, and brag about the advantages he now enjoys. But this would be a big mistake, because it attracts those who are naturally envious of anyone who thinks they are well off -- those who would wish him ill and would like to deprive him of whatever they can, if only out of meanness. If he continues with such a pretentious attitude, he is sure to meet with misfortune. A man more accustomed to an easier lifestyle is more circumspect. He enjoys himself quietly without expecting strangers to appreciate his favorable situation, and he attracts little attention or envy.
4. [9] When a man's progress is halted in the face of difficulties and obstructions, he may find that inferior men associate with him because they are in similar circumstances, even if permanently. It is easy for the man to think that these are reliable companions just because they are similarly situated and their fate seems to be the same. But when the time of deliverance comes, and the man is able to move ahead out of these unhappy circumstances, it is important that he abandon these characters he had begun to identify with. They are not suitable companions for the higher, more accomplished circles he is destined to move in. If he tries to bring them with him, other people who would be of real assistance to him, and who could help him accomplish his goals, will become wary and inclined to stay away. Superior people do not want to associate themselves with someone who surrounds himself with disreputable characters.
5. [6] When a superior man who has been through a period when his progress has been stymied finally is able to free himself and experience deliverance from his former circumstances, he will find that the inferior people who have attached themselves to him during his period of decline are not so easy to get rid of. He feels some obligation towards them and tries to be accommodating to them, but they interpret that as a desire to continue the association, and they seem to take advantage of his lack of resolve. It is necessary, therefore, that he become clear in his own mind that he definitely no longer wants to continue associating with the lesser characters. Once he acquires that inner certainty, it will be obvious in his general attitude. The lesser people will soon get the point, and will leave him alone.
Top. [6] The possibility exists for the man to move out of a difficult situation that has been holding him back, but an evil person in a powerful position is preventing the man from moving on. This is all that is holding him back, but being evil, this person will not relent and must be dealt with. It is necessary, therefore, for the man to take whatever steps are necessary to overcome this evil obstruction. Once this obstacle is out of the way, everything proceeds smoothly.
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