Wednesday, April 20, 2022

42. Increase

The Lines
Bottom. [9] When unseen forces come together to provide a man with the strength and capacity to achieve something great, it is essential that he use the favorable time responsibly and timely. Such opportunities are rare, and the man will have great success if he uses the occasion to benefit others, and not take advantage of the favorable times merely to enrich himself. If he acts in this way for the benefit of others, his activities will be free of criticism.
2. [6] A man who has dedicated himself to accomplishing worthy deeds will find himself favored by unseen forces, and what he seeks will come about almost of itself. When the forces of the universe are in harmony, there is nothing that can oppose them. Nevertheless, it is incumbent upon the man to keep himself in harmony with those forces, and this he may do by not taking his good fortune for granted, by paying close attention to his purposes, and by being careful to keep himself on a rightful path. With all things working together in this manner, he will be able to accomplish great works for mankind and bring honor upon himself.
3. [6] When everything favors the dedicated man, even events that might ordinarily seem unfortunate turn out to be an advantage for him. This is not a problem for him, however. He is not looked upon as one who profits from the misfortune of others, but rather as one who takes misfortune and turns it into something less of a calamity. By adhering to what is honest and true, the man makes no mistakes and is honored as one who speaks with the authority of Heaven.
4. [6] In a time of progress and abundance, a man who acts as a mediator serves an important function if he is careful to see to it that the higher authorities are kept informed and the people are dealt with justly and generously. In a time when difficult enterprises are underway, it is important that everyone feels they are being treated fairly and have no reason for not working together.
5. [9] A truly kind man bestows his kindness upon those in distress on the basis of need, not merit. He thinks not about those who will show gratitude, but about those who will suffer great injury if someone does not help them. He does not expect to be rewarded, but he nevertheless does receive recognition for his generosity, and his kindness serves as an example to others.
Top. [9] A man in a high place who ignores his duty to work for the benefit of those who are his responsibility soon finds that they have turned away from him. He does not receive their support, and this in turn denies him the cooperation and good fortune that might otherwise come his way. If a man places himself outside the beneficial forces that surround him and in opposition to those who depend upon him, he cannot expect those forces to reward him or those dependents to come to his rescue. A selfish heart should not expect unselfish gifts in return. A man who refuses to provide protection for others cannot expect them to come to his aid when he is attacked.
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